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Competitve Running

All about competitive running

Katie Mc Dade

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Competitve Running

Training Competitions Diet Different types of running Competitive Running Sprinters Sprinters run out full pelt for a short distance, such as 100m or 200m Middle distance running Middle distant runners run a longer distance than the sprinters, but not as long as the long distant runners. they usually run between 2 miles and 15miles. Long distance running Lond distant runners run
a very long distance,
they usually run between
13miles and 26miles. Sprint training If you are planning to
train for sprint you
need to, build up your
leg muscles, and arm
muscles. you need to
train these parts of
your body the most,
because you need your
legs to carry you, and
your arms to drive you.
Sprinters hav specially
desingned running
machines that you
have straps to strap you
to a bar above the
machine, they need ones
like this, because if
you suddenly tire out
the machin will stop you
from flying off backwards.
A lot of sprinters also
train with tires or other
heavy objects strapped to
their backs, they do this
because it strengthens their
muscles, and makes it harder
for them to run, so that when
they come to do the actual
thing it will be easier.
Middle distance training Middle distance runners have to train for long distances and short, they have to work on balance and being light on their feet. they need to work on doing their distance, but they also need to work on their speed, so they do have to occasional sprints. Long distance training Long distance runners have
to focus on their technique
a lot. The better the
technique you have the better
runner you are. One of the
most important things for a
long distance runner to
build up is there stamina,
this means that they will
last better in longer races
. There is only one way in
which you can really train
for long distance running, and
that is by actually going
out, ang doing, and by
letting your body get used to it. All runners ahould eat a healthy well balanced diet, that contains a lot of fruit and carbs. This will give them the energy they need to run. Competing Sprinters Sprinters usually compete in the summer, when they weather is nice and hot. There is usually six competitors in each race. Middle distance and long distance running These types of races are usually held in the winter, when weather is cooler. This is so that the contestants don't overheat. there is always a lot more competitors in these races, numbers range from 80 to 300!!!
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