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Yi Fan Liu

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Green_Comp

Energy is the basic need to support quality living

Adopt alternative sources of renewable energy - > reduce carbon footprint

Energy consumption pattern in residential buildings differs greatly from commercial and industrial buildings
Energy consumers
Peak occupied hours
Green Buildings Design
in a Floating City

A Presentation By:
Qiu Yang
Rachel Ong Xlo Juan
Cai Xinlong
Jensen Chua
Existing Green Buildings
Efficiently usage of resources
Promote high standard of living
Health of residents
Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation
Green Buildings with LEED Platinum Certificates
Rise in sea level Ideas of water-floating city
Application of conventional green building concepts requires re-design

Sea Environment
- Natural disaster
- Humidity
Clean Energy Sources
floating solar panel
under water turbine
ocean thermal energy

Less space constraints
eg. Underwater warehouse

Lots of fish in the sea
Take full advantage of the ocean is essential in re-designing green buildings

Considerations made for 3 categories of buildings
Residential buildings

Essential aspects to consider:
Energy management
Water management
Security, Maintenance,Waste management
Energy Management
Floating PV panels
Solar panels need large land mass to generate large amount of energy.
Cooling effect of the water body enable them to be more effective
Reduce water evaporation and algal growth
Offshore Wind Farm
Wind is much stronger on the oceans, less obstruction.
More power can be generated as compared to on land.
Expensive installation cost
Water Management
Most cost effective water source – Rainwater Harvesting

Readily available in this context

Other sources include grey water

Install cisterns, build reservoirs to store rainwater/grey water
Use portable water only for direct human contact

Reintroduce grey water as cleaned water to laundry and toilets

Treatment of black water by municipal services of the city
Engineering practices:
Dual flush / low flush toilets
Faucet Aerators. 
Pressure Reduction
Behavioral practices:
Changing water use habits so that water is used more efficiently
Commercial and Industrial
Maximize visual comfort while reducing energy use

Thermal comfort
Maintaining standard of thermal comfort for occupants

Reprocessing and reusing of materials diverted or recovered from being disposed

Cool roof
Reflective surfaces: Artificially-altered surfaces that can deliver high solar reflectance  and high thermal emittance.

Lighter color with higher albedo helps reduces the heat island effect
Green roof: Roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation.

Use fast growing materials for flooring designs
Reduce home lighting energy usage by making changes to lighting sources and layout
Building Security & Control
Difference with Current Green Building Technologies
Single integrated building vs many individual ones.

Construction materials take humidity into consideration
Corrosiveness of the seawater

Intermitten energy supply

Internal rooms cannot use day-lighting

Green roof Vs Solar Panels
Use anti-corrosive steel

Construct electrical storage devices or a water-reservoir battery (Hydroelectricity)

Use of mirror-channels to direct sunlight or algae lamps
Remedies & Improvements
Many more unexplored possibilities.

- Reduce energy waste during production
(using transducers)

- Self-contained domed-city.
(controlled air & water cycle)
Sea Environment
- Limited resources
- Different climate
- Natural disaster
- Humidity

Application of conventional green building concepts requires re-designing
Thank You
Q & A
Singapore's Energy Consumption 2012 by Sectors
Recommended Energy Source for
Residential & Commercial Building
PV panels on Rooftop
Install at the rooftop of buildings
Generate on-site energy
Low maintenance cost but only generate electricity during daylight hours.
Electric storage system is very important.
Biomass Energy
Generated from everyday animal wastes, agriculture residue and industrial waste.
Facility heating, electrical power generation and etc..
Requires continuous supply of biomass to generate energy
Recommended Energy Source for
Industrial Building
Different water usage patterns

Take into consideration when design the water management system
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