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Infectious Disease Presentation


Kyle Larsen

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Infectious Disease Presentation

BIO 221- Microbiology
Infectious Disease Presentation
Notes Tuberculosis Plague Tetanus HSV1 Measles Etiology Reservoir Signs and
Symptoms Transmission Prevention
and Control Etiology Signs and
Symptoms Transmission Kyle Larsen
Laura Malinka
Carissa Lee
Monika Law (Epidemic Parotitis) Mumps Yersinia pestis
Gram -
Bacillus Rodents Fever
of Skin Flea Bites
Droplet Contact Streptomycin
Inactive Whole-
Agent Vaccine Mycobacterium
Gram +
Bacillus Humans Swollen Lymph
Breathing Droplet Contact Rifampin
Vaccine Clostridium
Gram + (spore)
Bacillus Soil Muscle Spasm
Lock Jaw
Stiffness Not Person to
Dirty Objects Tetanus immune
globin (toxin)
Toxoid Vaccine (Mumps Virus) Group: Group V Order: Mononegavirales Family: Paramyxovirus Genus: Rubulavirus Morphology:
Enveloped Genome:
Single Strand RNA Humans Signs Person-Person Contact Can Occur By: Sneezing
Sharing food/drinks/utensils
Surfaces Droplet Contact Swelling Symptoms Pain
Loss of Appetite Swelling May Be Present in: Parotid (Saliva) Glands
Chest Pain May Be Present in: Face
Headache *Complications Can Include Encephalitis (Inflammation of the Brain)
Meningitis (Inflammation of the Lining of the Brain
and Spinal Cord)
Orchitis (Inflammation of the Testicles) * Reservoir Minnesota Passive Immunity (6-18 mo.) Can pass transplacentally to fetus Vaccination MMR(V)
Live Attenuated Measles Mumps Rubella Varicella Prevention
and Control 2 Doses Recommended: Schedule
First at 12-15 mo.
Second at 4-6 years Basic Hygiene Passive Immunity for 6-18 mo. Basic Hygiene Tips: Wash Hands
Clean Surfaces
Don't Share Utensils Highly Contagious Questions?
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