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Character Analysis

No description

Elizabeth Trela

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Character Analysis

What are characters anyway? Character
Analysis Main Characters Protagonist Harry Potter is an example of a protagonist
Not only is he the main character
but he is also involved in the main
conflict and battles the main villain Antagonist Darth Vader is an example of an antagonist.
Not only is the main villain in Star Wars but
he also is in conflict with the main protagonist More types of characters Dynamic A dynamic character changes during the course of the story. The change in outlook or character is permanent. Lightning McQueen is dynamic.
He begins as a self-centered racer
and through his experiences in Radiator Springs, he permanently changes into a different "kind" of car Static Think TV static A static character is a character that remains primarily the same throughout a story or novel. Events in the story do not alter a static character’s outlook, personality, motivation, perception, habits, etc. Round A round character is a well developed character who demonstrates varied and sometimes contradictory traits. Round characters are usually dynamic (change in some way over the course of a story). Bart is well developed and shows
all sides of his character Scar is a static character. Throughout
the entire movie, he does not change.
Even at the end when he knows he has lost
he does not give in or change, which leads
to his ultimate demise. Flat A flat character is a character who reveals only one, maybe two, personality traits in a story or novel, and the trait(s) do not change. Captain Hook is a flat character.
Only two qualities of his character
are shown: his dislike for Peter Pan
and his fear of crocodiles. These
do not change throughout the story. Sympathetic A character with whom readers can identify. Sympathetic characters are usually well liked by readers even though some sympathetic characters can turn out to be evil. Katniss is sympathetic. We can
all relate to some part of her character.
Whether it be her love for her family, her
loyalty, her situation, etc...we are all rooting
for her to succeed. Draco is also sympathetic. We can identify
with him. His desire to be liked, to be respected,
to please his parents. He however is also a villain. Unsympathetic A character with whom readers cannot identify. Unsympathetic characters are often villans whose values run contrary to social norms and who almost always have nefarious intentions. Cruella Deville is unsympathetic. We
cannot relate to her. Why would someone
want to hurt puppies? Last few types... Archetype An archetype is a special kind of flat character who is instantly recognizable to most readers. Examples... "the dumb jock" Shushing librarian ruthless business man They are not the focus nor developed in the story.
They are extraneous characters and do not "do" anything
or add anything to the story. Foil A foil character is a character that is used to enhance another character through contrast. Cinderella's grace and beauty is made
even more evident because of the contrast of... they're so evil!! The Cullens seem so normal
and like a really nice family
because... they're so dysfunctional
and not so nice at all Last but not least... Confidante A confidante is someone in whom the central character confides, thus revealing the main character’s personality, thoughts, and intentions. Ponyboy is a confidante for Johnny.
We learn a lot about Johnny and his
home life because of what he shares
with Ponyboy. Johnny is also a confidante
for Ponyboy. We get to see
another side of Pony thanks to
what he shares with Johnny. Confidantes do not need
to be human Characters can be more than one of these types Dynamic Round Sympathetic Unsympathetic Round Static Now your turn...
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