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No description

Abigail DelaCruz

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of cherry

Best growing conditions for cherries
add mulch to keep the moisture of the cherry plant.
drap netting over the plant to protect the cherries from birds.
wAter the dry areas daily.
by:Abigail delacruz
to:Mr. araujo
due Date: january 14 2015
planting a cherry tree

places where cherries are grown
cherries are grown in parts of the world where the winter weather isn't to harsh, and when the summer weather is moderate.
harvesting cherries

processed cherries
canned cherry
maraschin cherries
cherry flavoured candy
problems of growing cherries

birds are one of the problems
while growing cherries because the birds would usally take all cherries out of trees off a some backyards with very little time.
sweet cherries:
plant the cherries late fall or early winter.
when planting the trees make sure to make supports before planting.
space the trees 15-18 feet apart.

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