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No description

Jaduna Jegatheswaran

on 25 April 2013

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The End!! "It was too much for him and he took off down the street, squalling like a scalded cat" (Rawls 12). Simile "I raised one of his paws. There I read the story" (Rawls 12). Metaphor Alliteration Personification "By this time, my fighting blood was boiling" (Rawls 12). Wait... I am not supposed to say "The End". By: Jaduna Jegatheswaran SMAPHOSIS HYPERBOLE "I... cried a whole bucketful of tears" (Rawls 19). Onomatopoeia "It hissed and growled as it tore its way through the channel" (Rawls 109). Symbolism "My... Mama had insisted that I make two little leather pouches to cover the blades of my ax" (Rawls 102). Idiom Syntax Umm... End of presentation!! "The pads were worn down slick as the rind on an apple" (Rawls 12). "It was neat and trim, and sparkled like a white star in the heavens" (Rawls 15). "It made it feel like someone was squeezing water out of my heart" (Rawls 18). "His tail was as big as a wet corncob... up" (Rawls 19). "He swelled up like a sitting hen" (Rawls 21). "I was as nervous as Samie... cat" (Rawls 67). "Grandpa made a frame that looked almost like a gingerbread man" (Rawls 81). "Then she rubbed me all over with some liniment that burned like fire and smelled like a civet cat" (Rawls 84). "I sneaked out through a back and, walking like a tomcat, a made it to the timber" (Rawls 92). "Yet those memories can be awakened and brought forth fresh and new,... old familiar face" (Rawls 13). "His long ears flopped up and down, keeping time with the jogging motion of his body" (Rawls 13). "I was a nervous wreck" (Rawls 22). "Down... singing a hound song on his heels" (Rawls 102). "We stood and listened to the beautiful music, the deep-throated notes of hunting hounds on the hot-scented trail of a river coon" (Rawls 117). "I was wondering which way he would go. With one final whimper he turned and headed east" (Rawls 13). "To... long the road, or how rough or rocky" (Rawls 14). "I knew it would be hard for him to hide his trail... too" (Rawls 102). "Stumbling, slipping, and sliding, I started on "It would broken his heart" (Rawls 14). "His heart would be happy" (Rawls 14). "Firelight shadows began to shimmer and dance around the room" (Rawls 15). "Old Dan's tail thumped out a tune on the wall" (Rawls 101) "When... blood pound in my temples" (Rawls 102). "The vibrations rolled and quivered in the icy silence" (Rawls 103). "A cold silence settled over the bottoms" (Rawls 103). "Wherever Rainie went, trouble seemed to follow" (Rawls 112). "The kind old eyes behind the glasses burned with a fire I had never seen" (Rawls 114). "I went to all pieces and started crying" (Rawls 105). "My sisters shook the house from the roof to the floor with their playing and romping, but the handle never did fall" (Rawls 110). "His neck and ears looked as though they hadn't been washed in months" (Rawls 112). "His ferret-like eyes kept darting here and there" (Rawls 112). "They boiled out an alley... me" (Rawls 11). "The still eddy waters next to the banks had frozen, but the one in the middle, where the current was swift, the water was running, leaving a trough in the ice pack" (Rawls 104). "I took off my clothes, picked up my ax, and stepped down into the hole in the icy water" (Rawls 107). "She didn't move. Old Dan started whining and licking her face and ears. She moved her head. I started talking to her. She made an effort to stand but couldn't" (Rawls 108). "Still holding on to my pole, I tried to take a step backward. My feet wouldn't move. A cold gripping fear came over me. I thought my legs were frozen. I made another effort to lift my leg. It moved. I realized that my feet were stuck in the soft muddy bottom" (Rawls 108). "On arriving to the millhouse, I tied my mule to the hiching post, took my corn, and set it by the door" (Rawls 111). "He cut out from the bottoms, walked a railed fence, and jumped from it into a thick canebrake" (Rawls 117). Spraddled-legged, claws digging into the bark, she was easing her way down" (Rawls 119). "There it stood in all its wild beauty, a waving red banner in a carpet of green" (Rawls 211-212). “The land was rich, black, and fertile. Papa said it would grow hair on a crosscut saw” (Rawls 17). "With a twinkle in his eyes, and a smile on his face, he handed to me... sisters'" (Rawls 140). "Although I couldn't see her, I guessed what had happened. the coon had led them to the river. Running out on the ice, he had leaped across the trough" (Rawls 104). "I was a young Daniel Boone" (Rawls 18). "Every boy in the country but me had a good hound or two “Again I had to answer a thousand questions for my sisters" (Rawls 53). "There must have been at least a thousand kids going to school there” (Rawls 53). "I flew to the store" (Rawls 27). "They started firing qustions at me... like" (Rawls 53). "... That will put the muscles back on him.'" (Rawls 23). "The highly polished surface gleamed and glistened with a golden sheen" (Rawls 15). "My sisters yelled their fooled heads off... Samie!'" (Rawls 19). “I felt the air whoosh out between my teeth" (Rawls 38). “Gathering up their long skirts, they swished on down the street" (Rawls 42). “The blood froze in my veins" (Rawls 47). “A feathery rustle swished by in the blackness “Out in the river I could hear the cold water gurgling in the icy trough" (Rawls 109). “The silence was broken by the “Whee-e-e-e” of a red-tailed hawk" (Rawls 141). "I made a circle with my arms as big as a twenty-gallon keg" (Rawls 62). "Putting... I pulled the ax from the wound... I knew he was dead" (Rawls 130).
Billy's ax is symbolizes death because Rubin fell on his ax. "As I stare at the yellow glow of my light, the last bit of hope faded away... There was the way to save my little dog" (Rawls 107).
Billy's lantern handle symbolizes hope since he saved his dog with it. "I knew I would miss the giant of the bottoms, for it had played a wonderful part in my life" (Rawls 89).
The big tree symbolizes Billy's childhood because he had cut down the tree and now he misses the tree. "I had heard the old Indian legend about the red fern... only an angel could plant the seeds of a red fern... that spot was sacred" (Rawls 209-210).
The red fern symbolizes love because it's God's way of helping Billy understand why they died "To him it made no difference how long the road, or how rough or rocky. His old red feet would keep jogging along mile after mile. There would be no crying or giving up. […] Through the rains, the snows, or the desert heat, he would jog along, never looking back" (Rawls 14). The dog that gets beaten up symbolizes caring because Billy took care of that dog before he left "One was large with long, upright handles that stood out like wings on a morning dove. The highly polished surface gleamed and glistened with a golden sheen. The other was smaller and made of silver. It was neat and trim, and sparkled like a white star in the heavens" (Rawls 15).
The trophy cups symbolizes the dogs since it reminds him the dogs he had. "He had lived here long enough; why kill him? He had lived here a long time... trail" (Rawls 126).
The ghost coon represents stay since he had lived in the forest for a long time. "The large black letters read: CHAMPIONSHIP COON HUNT TO BE HELD" (Rawls 137).
The hunt symbolizes maturity because he is taking his hunting skills to the next level. "The Pritchards...is one family no one likes" (Rawls 112).
The Pritchards symbolizes bad luck because there is some kind of trouble with them every time you see them "As I skipped along... all the things... in such a feww short years" (Rawls 141).
Billy represents luck & hard work because he works hard to get what he wants. I heard the "Bam, bam, bam" of a woodpecker... snag" (Rawls 141). "I had to cross my heart... satisfied" (Rawls 143). "Old Red... crowing his fool head off" (Rawls 144). "At... I thought Grandpa was going to blow up" (Rawls 147). "He walked... and growled;... mad" (Rawls 149). "A night hawk screamed... night" (Rawls 150). "Walking... I could feel the cold fingers of doubt squeezing my heart" (Rawls 153). I'm sure my feet didn't touch the ground as I flew around the building" (Rawls 40) "Several... they seemmed to be nailed to the floor" (Rawls 41). "The... whimpering" (Rawls 41). "He's a hunting hound... saw" (Rawls 199). "'Please don't die Dan,' I said" (Rawls 199). "Three times they treed the animal" (Rawls 191). "'You're... see a scramble as soon as we round that bend'" (Rawls 187). "With belts and long leather laces... stretcher" (Rawls 183
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