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No description

billy eden

on 30 September 2010

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Transcript of Health&Saftey...

Avoiding stress Plan Your day
Take regular breaks
Make your surroundings how you want
(e.g your seat, moniter etc).
Remeber always treat outhers with respect.
Always remeber Health&Saftey tips as that will avoid stress aswell
Always wear a hard helmet
always wear steel toe cap boots
never have drinks near the computer
have highly visble jaket Avoid Strains Take regular breaks
Use feet and wrist rests
Adjust your surroundings
Dont look at the moniter for to long

Make sure you do exersises with your eyes to not
have eyes strains and cause you lots of pain...
just do theses exersises and save your eyes being in ageny...
stress can be caused by :
adjutation(e.g getting too hot,doing something wrong, staying still for too long etc...)
not remebering what to do
being ill, having an ill ness
being inpatient(waiting for to long)
being told what too sometimes... sometimes stress or strains can lead to selfharming so remember always to avoid strains and stess if stress is caused try talking to someone and avoid selfharming or outhers Ergonomics is the science of designing jobs, equipment and workplaces to fit workers. Proper ergonomic design is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability very good leg space good ajustable(pully) in and out keyboard and mouse ajustable monitor good working space very good storage in good reach. safe place and in good reach. legs may hit sideboard strains may occurfrom high monitor he probley never made his surroundings how he wanted strains? irritation? Over 200 people are killed each year in accidents at work and over one million people are injured. Over two million suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work. But did you know that forestry is one of the most dangerous industries, and workers are 6 times more likely to be killed at work than a construction worker? That is not good odds. So, preventing accidents and ill health caused by work should be a key priority for everyone at work. As the owner or manager of a forestry contracting business you know that competent employees are valuable. Your business probably depends on them.

Providing health & safety information and training helps you to:

Ensure you or your employees are not injured or made ill by the work they do;
Develop a positive health & safety culture, where safe & healthy working becomes second nature to everyone;
Find out how you could manage health and safety better;
Meet your legal duty to protect the health & safety of your employees. eye tests are very important and can sometimes tell if you have a disese or not. (e.g. diabetes can cause blindness) make sure you get your eyes tested every 4-5 months or so. and every more for kids as its free. just a simple eye check up can save your eye blindness...
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