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zach smith

on 12 September 2009

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Transcript of US HISTORY

US HISTORY 1776 Declaration of Independence The Document was signed in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson,who wrote it, and many others, giving the United States Independence 1775-1778 The Revolutionary War The battle for independence, A fight between the Loyalists, who opposed independence, and the Patriots, who favored it, obviously the Patriots ended up winnin, due to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 1848 The California Gold Rush Gold was discovered in Sutter's Mill in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains. The discovery revoulutionized California's economy, it financed the devopment of many important jobs. 1841 Oregon Trail Most of the western United States was mapped out, making it easier to navigate around the country. 1860 Lincoln Elected President Abraham Lincoln played a huge roll in diminishing Slavery in the U.S.
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