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Jen Fitzsimons

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of WELCOME to TEAM 21

Educational standards for math, reading, and writing that 45 states, including New Hampshire, have adopted. To find out more information please read the green packet in your open house folder.

The link below will lead you to the CCSS should you want to check them out for yourself:
About Mrs. Fitz

This is the start of my 12th year of teaching. I taught for three years in Brooklyn, NY before moving back home to Salem to teach at Barron School. I taught 5th grade at Barron for four years before transferring to North Salem in 2010.
Reading and Writing Workshop
Readers get better at reading by reading. Writers get better at writing by writing. The workshop model encourages students to take
responsibility for their learning.

Readers choose books that appeal to them and that are at their instructional reading level. Throughout the workshop students read and respond to texts through writing and discussion. The workshop model allows me to differentiate and personalize instruction to best meet each reader's individual needs.

Writers are exposed to different genres of writing. They choose what they want to write about within a given genre. Students take their idea through the writing process, trying out the different strategies that are being taught to them. Writers conference with other writers and the teacher to get feedback on their writing that they then use to help them with their revision work, which is what real writers do!
* Mini-Lesson (10-15 minutes)
- Teacher models for students. Students practice with teacher and with partner to reinforce what was taught.

* Independent Reading/Writing (40 minutes)
- Students read or write independently focusing on
applying the strategy or skill they were just taught.

* Share (5-10 minutes)
- Students share something they noticed/learned
about their reading or writing.
- Teacher might also share something she noticed that
worked well for reader or writer that the other
students might want to try.
Spelling and vocabulary skills will be emphasized in fifth grade. Students are encouraged to incorporate learned spelling strategies into everyday writing and acquired vocabulary into everyday speech. Spelling words will vary from week to week, but will generally follow a pattern or spelling rule.

Students will switch rooms for instruction based on what developmental stage they are in.
Student will be learning about the following math concepts this year:
- Reading and Writing decimals and fractions
- Comparing decimals and fractions
- Rounding whole numbers and decimals
- Adding/Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with
like and unlike denominators
- Multiplying
* 1 digit by 2 digit
* 2 digits by 2 digits
* fractions
* mixed numbers
- Dividing
* by 1 digit and 2 digit divisors
* fractions
* mixed numbers
- Variables
* writing expressions
* solving expressions
* order of operations
- Area and Volume
- Converting Measurements

Math Workshop
At the elementary level, Salem School District teachers are continuing to utilize enVision Math as a tool to help students become proficient with the above math topics. This new program is aligned with the Common Core Standards. You can learn more about these standards by reading the yellow packet in your folder.

Second half of year: SOCIAL STUDIES
-Early Native American Tribes
- Explorers
- The colonization of our country
- Revolutionary War
- Our Government

First half of year: SCIENCE
- Plants
- Matter
- Force
Let's Get Organized!
Driven Organized Learners Proving How Independence Nurtures Success
It's time to learn about organization. Students in Team 21 all have a DOLPHIN binder. DOLPHIN is an acronym for Driven Organized Learners Proving How Independence Nurtures Success. These binders will be used every day and contain important materials needed for both schoolwork and homework.
It is important that STUDENTS, not parents, take responsibility for their DOLPHIN.
Homework is assigned to enhance what is happening in the classroom and to provide students with the extra practice that is needed to hold on to the strategies and skills they are learning.

Homework is recorded in a planner which is kept in the DOLPHIN binder.

Please sign your child's planner every night after checking to see that your child completed his/her work.

Homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday.
Reading: Read 100 minutes
Complete Reading Comprehension Worksheet
(Due Friday)

Math: Practice sheet

Word Study: Activity Sheet Assignments due Thursday
Test Thursday - Study

Homework assignments and what's happening in our classroom can be found on the TEAM 21 website: under construction - link will be emailed once it has been completed.
* Please return all tests signed.
* Grades of 75% or lower must be signed and
* Students may re-do assignments with a grade of
75% or lower.
* Check Plus = 95% = A
* Check Plus / Check = 90% = A-
* Check = 85% = B
* Check / Check Minus = 80% = B-
* Check Minus = 75% = C

Sick Folders will be put together by Team 21's Teachers' Helpers. This will include work that your sick child missed and needs to make up. If there is another child in the school that this work can get sent home with, please let me know and I will send the sick folder to them by the end of the day. Otherwise, it will be in the office by 2:00 if you would like to pick it up.
Let's keep in touch...
The relationship between parent and teacher is just as important as the relationship between parent and student. Please know that if you have any questions or concerns I want to hear them.

The best way to reach me is via email: jennifer.fitzsimons@sau57.org

I also have a "Notes from Home Bin" if you have a note for your child to bring in. This bin is checked each morning.

* Students are given tickets for showing good character, responsibility, positive attitudes, great effort, etc. They can also be taken away for making poor choices, not turning in homework, or having an unsigned planer. Tickets can be turned in at any time for various rewards.

* DOLPHINS are given out when the whole class is given a compliment. Once the class gets 10 DOLPHINS a whole class reward will be given.
* Mystery readers needed for Fridays 2:15-2:45.
Please see handout in your Open House folder for more information.

* Volunteers are also needed to help organize holiday parties.
Please take time to look at the sign up sheets on the back wall.

* Remember if you are interested in chaperoning a field trip you must be fingerprinted! Please take care of this sooner rather than later so that you can be considered in May when it is time for our trip to Boston!
* Try to keep them healthy! Your child is eating snack in the morning between 9 and 12. Fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, etc. are some good choices for this time. Please make sure snacks are PEANUT/NUT FREE as we have many kids who are allergic. Thank you.

* Birthdays are always a great thing to celebrate. If your child would like to bring something in for the class, please keep it healthy or send in a non-food item such as pencils, a book for the class, or even an indoor recess game for the class would be great too.
Our Schedule:
* Monday - P.E.
* Tuesday - Chorus
* Wednesday - Music
* Thursday - Library and Band
* Friday - Art and Panther Pals/Mystery Reader
Indoor recess games
Card Games
Pizza Donations - Romanos
Ziploc Bags
Sizes: gallon,
snack, quart
Websites to check out:
Class Website (under construction)

North Salem Website:


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