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Glacier Prezi

No description

lauren Bryant

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Glacier Prezi

By: Lauren Bryant GLACIERS How Glaciers Are Formed Where Are Glaciers? We Are Losing Our Glaciers Glaciers Start to form when snow stays in the same place year round.
New snow compresses the existing snow and it turns to ice
The weight forces air out and makes the glacier look blue
It can take hundreds of years for a glacier to form or as little as 10 years Glaciers form only on land.
They form in cold places where it never gets warm enough to melt the ice.
Glaciers are located in 9 states in the USA.
All US Glaciers can be found in the Rockies or further West.
Glaciers can even be found in our state, California.
All glaciers in North America are melting.
Many of Americas Glaciers could all disappear by 2020.
Why? Glaciers are melting due to global warming caused by greenhouse gases.
The term greenhouse gases is not from actual greenhouses, it is from the earth acting like a greenhouse.
One of the causes of global warming is cars releasing carbon gases.
We can help protect the glaciers by using solar energy or driving electric cars. Glaciers have a huge erosion impact on the mountains around them
Due to its large weight, glaciers can make large crevasses in mountains
Glaciers can make V-shaped valleys into
U-shaped valleys
Glaciers can move massive boulders. hi Glaciers Destroy land The End....any questions? There are many things you can do on glaciers.
ski and snowboard-even in the summer
You can trek up a glacier,
you can take photographs,
enjoy the view. Activities On Glaciers
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