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Which UCSD College is Right for YOU?

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Justin Bascos

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Which UCSD College is Right for YOU?

Eleanor Roosevelt College!
Eleanor Roosevelt College, founded in 1988 as Fifth College, focuses its core education program on a cross-cultural interdisciplinary course sequence entitled "Making of the Modern World". Through MMW, students explore other political, social, and religious traditions in a supportive academic community. ERC's general education program challenges students by leading them to learn from the world's great civilizations and languages; to explore scientific, quantitative, and artistic subjects; and to write proficiently. Students choose from a range of courses for every college requirement.
Revelle College
Revelle College (first college) stresses a broad breadth in general education. The college requires a structured liberal arts curriculum, which establishes a strong educational foundation for any major. They require a courses in calculus, a foreign language, the physical, biological, and social sciences, the fine arts, and the humanities. This college emphasizes a "Renaissance education" through the Humanities sequence which integrates history, literature, and philosophy. It has highly structured requirements.

John Muir College
John Muir College, founded in 1967 as Second College, emphasizes a "spirit of self-sufficiency and individual choice" and offers loosely structured general-education requirements. The college celebrates individuality and requires students to take three course sequences in social sciences, humanities, and mathematics. Many have dubbed this college as the one with the easiest GE requirements.
Thurgood Marshall College
Thurgood Marshall College, founded in 1970 as Third College, emphasizes "scholarship, social responsibility and the belief that a liberal arts education must include an understanding of one's role in society". The college requires a 3-quarter (1-year) core sequence called Dimensions of Culture (DOC): DOC explores the development of American society through a complex tapestry of issues related to asymmetries of power associated with gender, class, racial, ethnic, and other hierarchies, as well as courses in the humanities, fine arts, sciences, and maths.

Sixth College
Sixth College was founded in 2002 with a focus on "historical and philosophical connections among culture, art and technology." The year-long Culture, Art and Technology (CAT) core sequence explores how people in various societies use culture, especially in the forms of art and technology, both to express themselves and to shape and mediate their interactions with nature, with each other, and with their own environment. The college requires a multitude of courses in arts and humanities.
Earl Warren College
Earl Warren College, founded in 1974 as Fourth College, requires students to pursue a major of their choice while also requiring two "programs of concentration" in disciplines unrelated to each other and to their major "toward a life in balance." The college requires its students to take courses in political science and philosophy, the warren writing program, two courses in formal skills, and supplementary courses depending on one's degree
Thurgood Marshall College
Which UCSD College is Right for YOU?
Muir College
Sixth College
The Six College System
Think of it like Hogwarts. There are six houses, and each house values different academic standards. You will be asked to choose a college on your application. Most students will be given their first or second choice, so you must choose wisely. The six college system allows students to feel as if they are in a small liberal arts college with the opportunities of a large research university. Each college offers different writing programs, as well as requirements for their general education. Most will live within their college dorms their first two years.
Revelle is characterized as hell on Earth. It's regarded as the college with the hardest GE requirements, and is deserving to be the "Ravenclaw" of the campus. Those who are math/science oriented should choose this college because of the breadth they offer. Nonetheless, they are one of the most spirited colleges. The fact that they are the oldest means that they have the most tradition. This college offers a tight-knit community for those who are willing to be a part of it. But to be in Revelle, one must be a dedicated, hard working student.
Muir, which values self-reliance, resilience, intelligence and cunning, is hands down the Slytherin of the six college system. The college offers what many contend as the easiest GE requirements on campus. They are centrally located and have easy access to many accommodations on campus. If you know what you want your college experience to be then you should choose this house as it offers more flexibility with your schedule. They have awesome dining hall options, which includes asian, latino, and vegan cuisine. However, the college's brutalist architecture can make it seem as if the college is a prison. Yet, the college has been rumored to be have a thriving marijuana culture, which seems like an awesome tribute to the environmentalist it was named after.
Valuing social justice and public service, Marshall is the perfect candidate for being the Gryffindor of the campus. The OVT Dining hall is rumored to be the best on campus; the college also offers a burrito place likened to Chipotle. Consequently, OVT is the only dining hall open after 8:00 p.m. This college is also seen as the second easiest with GEs, as it has one less requirement than Muir. Because this college is dedicated to the humanities and public service, this tends to be the preferred choice of the political science/econ majors in UCSD
Warren, which values a "life in balance" is the Hufflepuff of UCSD. The school contains the Jacobs School of Engineering within its grounds, and therefore it is the ideal college for prospective engineering students. It is known to be a bit boring because of all the nerds housed within the college, but the housing units within it are considered to be excellent. This creates a faux-facade of Warren being seen as the college that houses the most studious students in UCSD. Nevertheless, Warren College is excellent in helping students pursue their academic goals through internships. If academic is your primary focus, then this is your college.
Sixth college is seen as the lowest of all UCSD colleges. Do not go here. it is the furthest away from me. However, because the college focuses on making the modern scholar through the arts and technology, this college would be rightfully called the Beauxbatons. They have the worst dorms, as they are housed in "camp snoopy"-- a part of the university that looks like a summer camp rather than a college dormitory. The college is the newest, and it is still unnamed (hence the title "sixth"), and as such they are still forming a definitive reputation for themselves. The coolest thing that happened to Sixth College is probably the time when it was temporarily named the "Conan O'Brien" College in honor of its tenth anniversary. That is it. that is everything cool about Sixth.
ERC is obviously the best college in UCSD. Considering that they are the most exclusive and elusive college, it has rightfully earned the title of Dumbledore's Army. It has the newest housing complex on campus, and is considered to have the best dorms. It is located right next the RIMAC, the campus' huge indoor gym facilities. One of ERC's housing units is the IHouse (international housing), which is known to be the venue for the best house parties in UCSD. Being the college focused on international studies, ERC also deploys the greatest amount of students abroad within the six college campus. Nearly 1/3 of all ERC students go to some sort of study abroad program. However because the college is so focused on the humanities and social sciences, those wishing to study science and mathematics should do well to avoid this college.
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