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Kate Chopin

Her youth, Her family, Her work

Monica S

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Kate Chopin

Her life, Her work
Kate Chopin
-Was born Katherine O'Flaherty in 1850 to Thomas age 39 and Eliza 16

-When she was 5 her father is killed in horrific train accident

-She was raised by her 21 yr old mother and her great-grandmother

-When she was 20 she married Oscar Chopin
by Monica Seielstad
-In 1888, her poem "If It Might Be" was published

-In 1892, "Desiree's Baby" is published in THE first Vogue magazine

-In 1894, "The Dream of an Hour" known to modern critics as "The Story of an Hour" was also published in Vogue

-In 1899, her novel "Awakening" was published to the horror of critics

-In 1902, her last story to be published was "Polly"
Her life
Her work
Kate's Place in Literary History
-During her time she was known as a writer of "local color"

-Kate started by writing for local newspapers which made her "a local celebrity." Now, she is recognized for putting in her fiction the debate between what is socially acceptable and expected and an "individual's need for freedom and self-development." (Kate Chopin A Literary Life p. 57)

-Kate's work was rediscovered in 1969 when Per Seyersted edited all of her work and published her work in "The Complete Works"
-They had 7 boys, unfortunately one was killed in a buggy accident, and 1 girl

-In 1882, Oscar died of Malaria

-Finally, in 1888, at age 38, Kate began to put her pen to paper and write seriously

-She became a local celebrity and then a nationally known author

-She is most known for writing The Awakening

-In 1904, at age 54, she passed away of a stroke

-In 2011, David Chopin, the last of her surviving grandchildren passed away at
age 92

-To this day her descendants still write to Kate's fans and send pictures to
international society website
Five words that distinguish the author
Woman Mother Feminist Sensual Morbid
"improper" and "vulgar"

"purport of the story can hardly be described in language fit for publication."
Providence Sunday Journal
writer unknown
she "broke new ground in American Literature."
Other published works
Short Stories
Chopin, Kate. “The Awakening” Nine Short Novels by American Women. Eds. Elizabeth McMahan, et al. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1993. 39-157. Print

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In 1899 critics say:
In 21st Century critics say:
Complete Works of Kate Chopin
Per Seyersted
with this story she "opened windows, and she gave us wings."
Unveiling Kate Chopin
Emily Toth
A Point at Issue!
At Fault
A No-Account Creole
Desiree's Baby
The Story of an Hour

At Fault
The Awakening
Bayou Folk
A Night in Acadie
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