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The Solar System

This presentation will help give you information about the solar system

sarah kemmer

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Solar System

The Solar System
Does not have a molten core
Does not have an atmosphere
Planet closest to the sun
Earth's sister planet
Venus does not have an ozone layer
Venus has no moons
Second closest to the sun
The only planet with human life
The only planet with known water
Has 1 moon
3rd Planet form the sun
Has 2 moons
Has high mountain ranges
Very dry planet
4th Planet from the sun
Largest planet
Has 63 moons
The red spot is a super hurricane
5th planet from the sun
has 34 moons
Has ice rings
Has clouds of methane
6th planet from the sun
Only planet to spin on it's side
Has a rockey core
Has 27 moons
7th planet from the sun
Has 13 moons
Has a great dark spot
you will gain 14 pounds if you travel to Neptune
8th planet from the sun
You would be very light if you lived on Pluto
Smaller than 7 of the moons in the solar system
Has 3 moons
9th planet from the sun
Made out of dust and ice
They come from the Oort Cloud
most famous is Haleys Comet
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