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Japanese Internment Camps


Michael Nicholson

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of Japanese Internment Camps

Japanese Internment Camps by Michael Nicholson The oppressed and the oppressors. The American Government are the oppressors Japanese-Americans are the oppressed "second generation Japanese who were born in the United States were reffered to as a Nisei"
(Bashaw, Vernon D par 2) The injustice of the Camps. violated civil rights. were watched over by armed guards and forced to stay for a long period of time with no chance to leave Roots of injustice were; the Japanese boming Pearl Harbor Key leader for the oppressors, is the American government Reparations made by the American government, yes. "Twenty years ago the U.S. government officially apologized to Japanese Americans for the way they had been treated authorizing payments of 20,000 to each living survivor"
(Ewers, par 4 ) Horrible things that happened. forced to leave home take only what they could carry forced to live in a camp,(barracks) surrounded by barbed wire and arm gaurded "tens of thousands of citizens and their families were forced to leave thie homes take only as much as they can carry and resettle in camps surrounded by barbed wire 10,000 japanese-americans were forced to leave and live in camps taking only what they can carry period 4 english.
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