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career shadowng

No description

james kennelley

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowng

Career shadowing:Emerson Process management Purpose of the company: This compy maks the big factories around florida run smooth with the mixtures of the chemicals. Where will this copany be in 15 years: This company will be gger than ever because as long as there are big factories there will also be an Emerson Process Management. What employability skills: You have to be very friendle because you some times have to work with the companies that are paying for you to fix there stuff. You also have to be able to commuicate well with your workers to make sure they know excetly how the companie wants it. Education: You would have a high school degree and a collage degree. Then you woud have to go and get the training for that specific field in that componie. Technology: The technology they use on the job is excel and also word. The most important piece of technology they use is oracle which is a shipping order web site from around the world. Would I pursue this career: Yes, I would pursue a job in this career because I woud love to work with this group of people. What I liked about this job: I liked that we got to work with are hands and that you would work with other people and hang out and be friendly. What I disliked: I disliked that some times you would have to work weekends and sometimes on the holidays and also long days.
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