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Alpaca Polymers

No description


on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Alpaca Polymers

Alpaca fiber has keratin which is a polymer! Break down! Elements its made of! Alpaca Fiber Natural Polymer Alpaca fiber is a natural polymer meaning
it is a polymer produced by nature.
(grows on the alpaca just like our hair on our head).
Keratin is present in all hair, fur, wool, nails, hooves,
horns, beaks, shells, and claws. Alpaca fiber can be physically broken down by shearing, carding, and processing it into roving.
Another way keratin can be broken down is friction or physical stresses. But what is a polymer? Polymers are made up of many many molecules all strung together to form really long chains (and sometimes more complicated structures, too). By: Tori Glaspell, Rayann Eaves, Rachel Canzoneri What's it used for? What is its chemical formula? Alpaca fiber is used for products like yarn, socks, gloves, hats, etc. Keratin is made of the elements ...
*Carbon (C)
*Hydrogen (H)
*Nitrogen (N)
*Sulfur (S) How is it different from its elements? keratin is different from the elements it is made of because it has different physical /chemical
characteristics. For example,
* It does'nt smell like nor have its yellow color
* It is'nt as cold as liquid nitrogen
* Its atom is'nt the same as a carbon atom Keratin's chemical formula is over 1,000 digits ! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Now enjoy our demonstration of alpaca fiber! *See the crimp and Quality changes over time!
*Feel the beautiful alpaca products!
*Look at pictures of an alpaca obstacle course! Picture link! http://www.evalightfootphotos.com/Llama-and-Alpaca-Shows
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