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Hansel & Gretel

No description

Mimi Pinson

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel
A presentation by Rachel Stevens, Alexa Ramani, Raquel Diaz, Bella Boggio, Mimi Pinson, and Magie Ramirez

The theme of the story is don't trust just anyone, because people can be deceiving.
Hansel & Gretel
Written by the Grimm Brothers
The Plot of the Story
Dramatic Irony:
Hansel and Gretel
don't know the old woman is an evil witch, but we do.
Verbal Irony:
"The old woman, however, nodded her head and said, oh you dear children, who has brought you here. Do come in and stay with me. No harm shall happen to you."
"Hansel and Gretel" is about the two siblings named, well, Hansel and Gretel. Their family recently became poor, and they cannot feed the children. Their step mother decides to leave the two alone in the forest so her husband and she can feed themselves. Meanwhile, the two siblings find a witch's house that's edible, and start to eat from it. The witch catches them, and they have to escape before she's able to eat them.
The setting takes place in the woods, the witches, house, and their house.
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