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Canvas my campus

Here is our project for the Prezi Canvas My Campus Contest! With the KEELO system, get snacks by cycling!

Olivier Durand

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Canvas my campus

Canvas my campus project
Not enough sport!
Food is too fatty, too sweet, too salty !
The Problem we want to solve
Our Solution
Obesity and Overweight
Healthy Vending Machine
The Calorie card system
Our Team
Aurélie Vonsy

Cédric Renard

Olivier Durand
Calorie price depends on nutritional value!
Kinetic Energy Encourages Lower Obesity
Thanks for your attention!
You need to cycle
Examples of available snacks
20 min
(19 min 40 s)
13 min
(12 min 30 s)
Cycle to top up your
Calorie Card!
Subscription to KEELO
Only 10 € per semester!
Start saving money from your 5th snack!
Online subscription, fast and easy!
Get your snack by cycling!
Regular price
Pay with your Calorie Card!
Healthy AND "regular"

All KEELO stations have 3 bikes or more!
Sport is social!
Get more
calories out
than in!
(instead of)
Any Questions?
Ask us in the comments!
The KEELO system
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