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Khalifa Tower

No description

Omar Safi

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Khalifa Tower

Burj Khalifa
How each feature was applied on Burj Khalifa?
Burj Khalifa:
Burj Khalifa is structurally sound because:
- The art or science of designing buildings.
- Buildings must have three main fundamental characteristics:
Intended Use: The structure of building should match the purpose of it.

Structurally Sound: strong, safe, and protect people.

Aesthetics: how architectures are beauty.
It is strong since construction contains reinforced concrete that bears super high-pressure (110,000 tonnes).

Steel bars with a specific standards (31,400 tonnes).
Burj Khalifa is intended use and matched the purpose from building it.

Because it designed to match different aspects as a business building and also as a place for tourists & visitors:

-It contains offices and meeting rooms in the lower floors.

-Also Burj Khalifa contains different facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, and library in the higher floors so people can enjoy the views from the top.
Located in UAE, Dubai.

Construction began in 2004.

The exterior structure of Burj Khalifa finished on 2009.

Officially opened on January 2010.

The idea of the structure inspired by Fazlur Khan. but Adrian Smith is architect who has designed Burj Khalifa.
Burj Khalifa:
The tallest building in the world 829 meters(2,722 ft)
The idea of its structure comes from "Tulip Flower".
Also Burj Khalifa combines different buildings in one structure(unique shape).


-One of the greatest buildings that has been built recently.
-It differs from other buildings in structure, shape, and how people can benefit from it.
Shape helps reduce the impact of wind on the tower.
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