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My Dream Vacation

a project aout dream vacation in Norway.


on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of My Dream Vacation

Climate of Norway
In summer time, late June to August Norway's weather is warmest, which is 25C to 30C.
In Autumn, in September, the weather gets colder.
In winter, the weather reach down to -5c to -10c.
Finally, in spring, May to June the weather goes warmer.
Population of Norway
The population of Norway by 2011 is 4,952,000.
Languages in Norway
Languages that are used in Norway is Norwegian, Bokmal and Nynorsk, but lots of people speaks Noreweigian.
Currency in Norway
In Norway, the money's called Krone, and 5 Krones are 1 U.S. dollar.
Norway Landmarks
-Norway in a nutshell (fjord)
-Tonsberg museum
-Tonsberg fort
-Vigelan sculpture park
Dream Vacation
In June, there's an "Art Festival of Northern Norway", which has lots of music, theatre, dances as well as performences for children.
In July, there's a " Riddu Riddu Festival " which is a festival about musics all around the world.
In August, there's an "Oya festival" which is a rock festival and the largest outdoor music festival in Oslo.
Today, we went to science museum called "Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology".
It was so fun and cool!
I saw oil andgas production and music machines.
Day 6, June 8
Day 2, June 4
I bought a "Oslo Pass", to visit 3 museums.
; Viking Ship Museum,
Fram Museum,
Kon-Tiki Museum
At The Viking Ship Museum It had a fabulous viking ships.

At the Fram museum, I saw the "Polar Ship Fram", which is a world's strongest wooden ship.

At the Kon-Tiki museum, I saw the "Kon-Tiki, which means a light raft made of balsa.
Day 3, June 5
Today, I went to fjord, Norway In Nutshell with my dad .
It was so cool and beautiful.
Day 4, June 6
Day 5, June 7
Today, we went to the Opera House which is really near my hotel.
At the Opera House, we saw the stage, backstage, and seats etc. and we had a free tour of the Opera House in English.
My favourite part that I learned today at Opera House was where actors prepare for their performances.
At night we came back again to watch an opera called Salome and it was so freeky!
The queen cut the neck of John.
Day 1, June 3
My Hotel
My Hotel is called "Best Western Kampen Apartment Hotel", which was a 4 star hotel.
This Hotel was really nice.
My Flight
I am taking an airplane from Finnair and Westjet.
I took the economy class with my dad.
I departed to Norway at 6:50 a.m and arrived at 1:40 p.m.
I departed to Montreal at 1:15 and arrived at 11:57 p.m.
Hotel & Flight
Today, we went to the 3 other museums (gallery) with Oslo Pass.
; Nobel Peace Centre,
Munch Museum,
National Gallery

The Nobel Peace Centre explained to me which people and how they got the Nobel Peace award.

At the Munch Museum, I saw the beautiful paintings of MUnch with "The Scream".
I even drew my own painting ,"The Scream".
The National Gallery, It had amazing paintings, architecture and designs.
Summer Festivals
I chose Norway for my dream vacation with my dad because I heard that in Norway, there's a amazing fjord, and a pulpit rock which is an Preikstolen.
Unfortunately, this is my LAST DAY in Oslo.
Today, we visited Vigeland Park. We took a walk and looked at the beautiful sculptures and ate some ice cream.
I the architect called Monolith because it was really high ( 14 meters ) and I loved the way that Gostav Vigeland presented a sculpture with lots of people on it.
Day 1, June 3
: 27.31
Day 2, June 4
Day 6, June 8
: 97.95
Day 3, June 5
: 411.38
Day 4, June 6
: 206.78
Day 5,June 7
: 194.00
Day 7, June 9
Total costs:
The total was $5972.27 so
I got $ 4027.86 left!
Today, I went hiking to Preikstolen with my dad.
I was tired when I hiked, but when I got to summit, I wasn't tired at all because of the amazing view of nature.
After, at night, I went to the opera house to watch Sleeping Beauty in ballet.
The dance moves were really cool and I loved it even though I don't really like the real story.
The costumes were so cute! I wanted to have one of those.
Norway Time
Plus 7 hours from Montreal time, than you'll get time from Oslo, Norway.
I'm going my Dream Vacation with my dad.
Expedia : https://www.expedia.cA/pub/agent.dll
Oslo Pass: http://visitoslo.com/en/activities-and-attractions/oslo-pass/prices
Money Converter: http://coinmill.com/NOK_calcultor.html#NOK=1140
Activities: http://www.everywhereist.com/10-things-you-absolutely-must-to-do-in-oslo
Opera House: http://www.operaen.no/Default.aspx
Fjord: http://secure.fjordtours.com/tour/Overview.aspx
Science Museum : http://visitoslo.com/en/articles/oslo-with-children/
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