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RA 8504

No description

Boel Espinas

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of RA 8504

Republic Act 8504 (AIDS Law) Boel Bollozos Espinas, R.N. HIV Site Implementation Coordinator Session Objectives: understand the significance of the law in the campaign to halt the spread of the disease;
gain better grasp of the key features of R.A. 8504; and
know the penalties imposed to prohibited acts. Complete Title
An Act Promulgating Policies and Prescribing Measures for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines, Instituting a Nationwide HIV/AIDS Information and Educational Program, Establishing a Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Monitoring System, Strengthening the Philippine National AIDS Council, and for other Purposes Short Title
Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998 History and Development Dec. 3, 1992: Issuance of E.O. 39, which created the PNAC;
Feb. 13, 1998: Enactment of R.A. 8504;
April 13, 1999: Promulgation of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 8504 AIDS is a disease that recognizes no territorial, social, political and economic boundaries, and has no known cure up to this day;
The gravity of the AIDS threat demands strong state action. Guiding Principles Promotion of public awareness thru a comprehensive nationwide educational & information campaign;
Full protection of the human rights and civil liberties of every person suspected or known to be infected with HIV & AIDS; State Policies (1-2) Promotion of utmost safety and universal precautions;
Positively addressing and seeking to eradicate conditions that aggravate the spread of HIV infection; and
Participation of affected individuals in the educational and information campaign. State Policies (3-5) Elementary pupils should be provided with information on STI, HIV, and AIDS.
All employers should provide all their employees and workers with information on STI, HIV & AIDS.
PLHIVs cannot run for an elective position.
PLHIVs cannot run for an elective position. Activity HIV status could be the basis for non-hiring of a HIV status could be the basis for non-hiring of a employee.
The HIV status of a patient should be disclosed to all hospital staff.
A medical personnel has the right to deny services to a PLHIV.
It is the responsibility of the PLHIV to disclose his/her status to his/her partner.
The government should provide condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. Activity
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