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Characters as Symbols

From the book To Kill A Mockingbird

Brennan O'connor

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Characters as Symbols

Characters as Symbols
From The Book To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus scout The symbol that I chose to represent the character Atticus is a newspaper and glasses . I chose this as the symbol to represent Atticus because whenever you read about Atticus at home him reading the newspaper is almost always involved . An example from the book is that Atticus always reads three newspapers during his downtime at home. In my opinion a shotgun symbolizes Mr Radley because in the book Mr Radley shoots at a black person with a shotgun. I choose fists as a symbol for Scout because Scout is a born fighter which means she likes to solve problems with violence. An example of Scout resorting to violence to solve a problem is when she beats up francis for bad mouthing atticus . Jem I chose superman to represent Jem because superman is a leader and courageous and i think Jem shows many leadership qualities and courageousness in the book. An example is when they are trying to get Boo to come out he takes the initiative and he tells them what to do like watch the street . Another example in the book is that he almost always comes up with ideas for what games to play and tells the other people what roles they are playing. An example of courageousness is when he goes and touches the side of the Radley house and when he goes back to get his pants that he left at the Radley house. Dill The symbol that I chose to represent Dill is movie tickets and popcorn , both necessities in the movie business. I chose this symbol because Dill has seen a lot of movies and I assume he likes them a lot . An example of this in the book is when Scout describes Dill saying that he has gone to the picture show twenty times and has seen Dracula. Boo Radley To represent Boo Radley I chose a question mark . I think it is the best representation because a question mark symbolizes mystery and something that is unknown which is exactly how Scout, Jem , Dill see Boo . An example of Boo`s mysteriousness to the kids is when they tell rumours about Boo because they have no idea what he looks like therefore he is unknown to them and his identity is a mystery. Calpurnia The symbol i chose for Calpurnia is pots and pans. I chose this because as the maid of the finches she gives 110% at her job and makes the food, cleans and does other chores . An example in the book is that she makes the meals for the finch family and also cleans up. Symbolism This presentation shows symbols of the 12 most important characters in to kill a mockingbird and a explanation of the significance to the characters. Miss Maudie Bob Ewell The symbol that i chose that in my opinion best represents Bob Ewell is green whiskey. I think green whiskey best represents Bob because Mr. Ewell is an alcoholic and his favourite drink is green whiskey. I know this because in the book when Atticus is explaining the Ewells to scout he says that Bob Ewell spends his relief checks on green whiskey instead of feeding his family. I chose flowers to represent Miss Maudie because Miss Maudie loves to garden and loves flowering. An example of this in the book is that after her house burns down she doesn't care so much about her house that is destroyed but is so happy that she has more room for her flowers and to garden. Mr Radley Mrs Dubose I chose a book and a bed to represent Mrs Dubose. I chose this as a symbol for Mrs Dubose because in the book she is almost always in the bed and has Jem reading to her. Aunt Alexandra To represent Aunt Alexandra I chose knitting. Knitting is one of the ways she spends her time when she stays at the Finch house. An example from the book is after Atticus and her fight she sits on the couch knitting quickly and quietly because she is worried about scout. Mayella To represent Mayella i chose pinocchio. I chose this to represent Mayella because Mayella, in my opinion is a lier and the story of pinnochio is a very popular symbol of lying because every time he lies his nose grows . An example of her lying in the book is that i think her story of Tom Robinson raping and beating her is a lie . THE
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