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11 Birthdays

Book Report

Alyssa Barnum

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of 11 Birthdays

Amanda and Leo used to be to friends and a fight led to becoming enemies
Because of their feud, their 11th birthdays kept repeating
Their Last 11th Birthday
Amanda Ellerby
Leo Fitzpatrick
Amanda and Leo 's Parents
Character Description:
Amanda- kind, compassionate
Angelina-magical, mystical
Amanda's Mom and Dad- thoughtful
Leo's Mom and Dad- considerate
When a friend does something wrong, don't forget all the things they did right
Everyone deserves a second chance, especially your friends
Amanda and Leo realize that they are the only people who know their birthdays are repeating (besides Angelina)
Leo passes Amanda a note that says happy birthday for the fourth time
They realize Angelina is part of it and talk to her
Spent their birthday together for the eleventh time
Willow Falls
Willow Falls Historical Society Museum
Amanda's House
Leo's House
11 Birthdays
By: Alyssa Barnum
Book By: Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo were born on the same day, June 5th, and have shared their parties ever since their first birthday. When they turned 10, Amanda overheard Leo say, "Yeah, I know it's stupid to hang out with a girl. My mom makes me." Leo only said this because the boys he was talking to had been bullying him and put him under pressure. He really didn't mean it, so he apologizes later in the book. However, Amanda over heard his comments and became angry. These best friends didn't talk for a year. As a result, their 11th birthdays kept repeating until they made up and shared their birthday once again. Angelina caused this to happened because of what happened to their grandparents long ago.
On Amanda's and Leo's 11th day turning 11, at school they talk to Angelina and figure out how to stop their days from repeating. They try helping whoever they can because their great-great-grandparents got in a fight and had the days repeating, too, and their grandparents made up and helped whoever they could and it stopped. The kids found this out from reading Leonard Fitzpatrick's journal. Amanda and Leo are trying to do the same. By figuring out that Angelina cast the enchantment, they asked her to tell them the whole story. She told them all they had to do was at the end of their days to do a toast of friendship. If they don't talk for more than a year, their days would keep repeating. Angelina tried protecting Amanda and Leo from the spell, but it didn't work. Angelina advises Amanda and Leo to do what comes naturally.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a tale of friendship and magic. This book is a perfect read for middle school kids and is well written by Wendy Mass. I am looking forward to reading the sequel,
12 Finally
. Go and read
11 Birthdays
and I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do!
I would rate this book 4.5 five stars!
Wendy Mass
Was born on April 22, 1967
Has written 15 novels for children
Lives in Sparta, New Jersey
Has two children, Chloe and Griffin Mass
Her most successful book was "A Mango Shaped Space"
The day Amanda and Leo were born...
When Amanda's parents are in the hospital, and go to the window that looks on the nursery, they meet Leo's parents. Angelina sneaks up and asks what the babies names are going to be. Both parents tell her the names and say that they were both named after their great-grandparents. Angelina gets both families to promise to spend Amanda and Leo's birthdays together every year. Neither family really meant this, but Angelina makes it happen.
Amanda and Leo's 5th Birthday...
For their fifth birthday, Amanda and Leo celebrate at Creative Kids Pottery Studio. Each of them was very happy that they each made a homemade flower pot. After the owner of the pottery place filled them with dirt and a seed, Amanda thought it would never grow. Angelina gave the owner these seeds to plant in Amanda and Leo's flower pots. She planted a seed from Amanda's great-great grandfather's apple orchard in Leo's pot and a seed from Leo' great-great grandfather's orchard in Amanda's pot. These seeds were meant to protect them, but it didn't work. This is because Amanda dumped hers after the fight she had with Leo. At the end of the book, Angelina finds Amanda's tree in her back yard, buried in the bushes. Amanda re-plants it and she realizes that it is a foot tall. Having the apple trees not work out made the repeating days even worse.
Amanda and Leo's 11th Birthday (The Fourth Time)
On the fourth time that Amanda and Leo relive their 11th birthday, Leo passes Amanda a note during class, which shocks everyone because they haven't talked since one year before. Leo said in his note that they need to talk and wishes her a happy birthday for the fourth time. They realize that they are the only people that realize the days are repeating. Leo says he is sorry and never meant that he hated her and didn't like sharing their birthday together. He only did this because the boys he told it to were recently bullying him and at that moment, they put him under peer pressure. When they meet in between classes, after the note was sent, they become best friends again.
Amanda and Leo's 11th Birthday (The Seventh Time)
The End!
Amanda and Leo realize that there are no consequences for their actions and that they can try new things. Leo and Amanda skip school and Leo read a poem that he wrote for the first time in front of people. Amanda tries out for an audition for a drum soloist, she doesn't make it, but it was the first time she tried out in front of people. Amanda and Leo really bond today and realize who they really are. Even though they get in trouble, their parents don't remember so no punishments took place.
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