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No description

Mackenzie Johnson

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Windsor

Background Information
Marketing Objectives
Windsor's mission is to sell trendy clothing at affordable costs to satisfy the low income teenagers. Some goals of Windsor is to hire more fashion designers, expand their stores internationally, and to create a Windsor fashion show for fashion week and complete these in a five-year time frame. To increase financial sales we will decrease clothing prices.
Marketing Strategies
The marketing strategies that we will be using for Windsor are coupons and a magazine ad.
The Plan
Promotion Continued
Magazine Ad:
Nicole Fuentes and Mackenzie Johnson
Plan's Success
We believe that we have created a reasonable goal for Windsor by partnering with Fashion week that catches the eyes of teenagers and people who come to the fashion week internationally.
Questions or Comments? :)
Windsor was founded in 1959 and is privately owned
Annual Revenue is $65.7 million
The President of Windsor is Leon Zekaria
The Vice President of Windsor is Isaac Zekaria
The VP Operations of Windsor is Bob Sliter
Since Windsor is going to partner with Burberry Fashion week by participating in their fashion show it will expand the company and will reach the target market making the income increase.
Windsor Timeline
Windsor will distribute the coupons and the magazine ad
Windsor will expand their stores internationlly
Windsor will participate in the New York Fashion show
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