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brianna speerly

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of BRAIN CANCER

Facts/ Background
Commonly found in young children with developing brains
Brain tumors account for one in every 100 cancers diagnosed annually in the United States
There are many kinds of brain tumors, benign and malignant, that can effect both children and adults
My grandmother Lynn Lomax was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the center of her brain. Doctors said with how big it was and where it was located in her brain that it would be a very risky procedure to try to remove it and could shorten her time with family. My grandmother was never seriously sick a day in her life, even if she had the common cold that never stopped her from doing anything. With a dizzy spell in a store while shopping is when she realized something was wrong. Tests after tests were ran and that's how she realized that she had brain cancer. Chemo therapy and a surgical procedure were done. After her surgery she was still the lady that we all grew and knew to love, but you could tell she was in pain and something was wrong. She would have her days where she would be doing great and days where she just wasn't herself. MY grandfather stuck by her side through this whole journey and did whatever was needed to be done and took care of her 24/7. After being told that her time would be cut short she was battling cancer for 4 & 1/2 years. She was a very strong, brave, kind-hearted, tough, and most beautiful woman i ever will know. I miss her every day and continue to look up to her till this day knowing she is watching and supporting me from heaven.
Help others cope with the loss of a loved one
Start a support group to help others understand that they aren't alone
Understand what it is and how the brain is effected and how much damaged is caused
Donated to charities for research studies, run in a race to raise money, or help organize a fundraiser
Nearly 80,000 new cases of primary brain tumors are expected to be diagnosed this year. Approximately one-third or 32% of brain and CNS tumors are malignant. This includes more than 26,000 primary malignant and 53,000 non-malignant brain tumors
It is estimated that 16,050 adults (9,440 men and 6,610 women) will die from primary cancerous brain and CNS tumors this year. The 5-year survival rate tells you what percent of people live at least 5 years after the tumor is found. Percent means how many out of 100.
Brain tumors can be classified as malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous). Malignant tumors tend to be more aggressive than benign types, but both are very serious and can be fatal
Type of Tumor 5-Year Relative Survival Rate
20-44 45-54
Low-grade (diffuse) astrocytoma 65% 43%
Anaplastic astrocytoma 49% 29%
Glioblastoma 17% 6%
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