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PR Campaigns: #WhereMyTigersAt

Highlights from our campaign book.


on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of PR Campaigns: #WhereMyTigersAt

Problem Statement
SWOT Analysis
Publics & Key Messages
Main Goal
Objective #1
Supporting Research #1
Strategy #1
Supporting Research #2
Strategy #2
Objective #2
Supporting Research #3
Strategy #3
Strategy #4
One City.
One Goal.
One Team.
The University of Memphis Football Team
100+ year program
No other local team
Memphis pride

Commuter school
Extremely large stadium
Students unaware of game info

Coach & team community involvement
Social media

Basketball city
Nearby SEC schools
Memphis festivals/events

Primary Public
Secondary Public
Memphis community
Undergraduate students
Support your peers
Take pride in your school
Support your community; "We are Memphis"
Sue Dent • 21 • Junior
Goal: Sue wants a true 'college experience', football games included!
Quote: “I’m not a big sports fan,
but I love socializing at games.”

Interests: freebies, social media, fashion, hanging
out with friends
Increase engagement and fan interaction amongst the football team and its publics.
To increase social media user and fan interaction during home games by 20% over the course of a five month football season.
We don't understand which account to follow.
Streamline social media into one athletic account per platform to become more user-friendly.
Posts with a lot of likes & retweets catch our attention.
Encourage publics to engage more on social media through posts, contests and competitions.
Game day info
Social media policy
Video & photo competitions
Trivia contests
To raise game day average attendance by 5% within the next two years.
We do not identify with the football players.
“We want to be a part of the team, but we can’t if we don’t know the players.”
We want fun videos that catch our attention.
Make the players and game day information more accessible and recognizable.
Meet & Greet
Promotional videos
We want t-shirts, cash prizes, alcoholic beverages, dining dollars
and discounted food.
We want t-shirts, sunglasses, Tiger paws, Tiger towels and clappers.
Provide incentives to encourage attendance at home games.
Door giveaways
In-game giveaways
Objective 1
metrics, internal audit

Objective 2
ID swipes, ticket sales

Streamline accounts
Engaging content
Fan-player connections
Follow streamlined account
Prize pick up on
Tiger Lane
U of M property
#WhereMyTigersAt by 'One Team.'
Jill Coleraine • Mary Eckersley • Kaitlyn Maness • Gabe Taylor
-Focus Group Respondents
-Focus Group Respondents
-Focus Group Respondent
-Survey Respondents
-Focus Group Respondents
-Focus Group Respondents
-Focus Group Respondents
We want hashtags written on free swag.
-Focus Group Respondents
Supporting Research #4
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