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Creating a Winning LinkedIn Profile

A brief overview of how to create a LinkedIn Profile that will help you stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn

Paul Duxbury

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Creating a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Creating A Winning LinkedIn Profile
by Paul Duxbury
Why Is It Important to Have a Great LinkedIn Profile?
LinkedIn is a Professional Network which is searched by many professionals on a daily basis
What are the key elements of a winning profile?
Four Key Elements
Your Headline
Personal Summary
Your Work History

Personal Summary
Your opportunity to sell yourself and what you bring to organisations.
Your Work History
An honest summary of your work experience which should align with your CV

Recruiters will cross-reference your LinkedIn Profile and your CV

Opinion varies about these. However, if you don't have them people will wonder why!
LinkedIn is About Connections
People are more likely to connect with you if you look like you are serious about your online presence

Job Seekers
Recruiters are now actively searching for candidates on LinkedIn so it makes sense to show them you at your best
Your Headline
Appears alongside your picture and immediately below your name.
Don't use your
Job Title unless
it is truly unique
Use Keywords which reflect what you do within your industry or profession

Separate keywords with a pipe “|” symbol rather than a comma
Present your overall Personal Brand in a succinct way
Recruiters frequently search using industry specific keywords
Use relevant keywords to present your skills and achievements
Write in the First Person using "I"
So with your Winning LinkedIn Profile in place now you can start Building Better LinkedIn Connections
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