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The Biosphere:Facts and Value

Joseph DesJardins

Colin Zinnecker

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Biosphere:Facts and Value

The Biosphere: Facts and Values Sustainable development – “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” Colin Zinnecker, Jacob Greene, Nic Tkachuk The Earth is roughly 70% ocean & 30% land I=PAT I=Environmental Impact
P= Product of Population
A=Consumption per Capita, or Affluence
T=Technology The factor that is not constant will upset the balance A & T are directly effected by business decisions We will concentrate on I, the current environmental impact, and the near future of P, population projections For Earth's biosphere to support human life, we must consider the following factors in all of our decisions: Food Climate Energy FOOD Lack of Distribution Pesticides Water Use While millions go without food, millions overeat high fat and unhealthy food. 59 million obese American in 2000 "Forty pesticides are known to cause cancer in animals and many health effects in humans" (pg 21). Overpumping for agricultural, industrial, and residential purposes has reduced water tables around the world Energy Fossil Fuels Currently 80% of worldwide energy use
Climate Nonrenewable
Increasing Demand
Decreasing Supply
Nuclear Energy Toxic in production AND disposal Alternative Energy Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Geothermal Expensive! Only attainable for rich economies Conservation & Energy Efficiency Decrease dependency wholistically The greenhouse effect IS REAL! Cannot be debated Temperatures are rising This causes melting snow, higher sea level, & animal extinction What does this all mean!? This is OUR responsibility Intererests in well-being of future generations
Interests of other organisms on Earth
Interests in the global environment
Intrinsic Values, spiritual, religious , historical etc.

This is a GLOBAL responsibility Vegetarians? There is not only one way to act. However, we must act PRAGMATICALLY. ". . . It is time for philosophers to be more concerned with real-world practical issues such as pollution, environmental destruction, and environmental justice." Embrace diverse values that all can be reasonable NOT RELATIVISM. "Pragmatic rationality values intellectual and moral openess, intelectual and moral care, and attention to detail." HAPPY EARTH DAY! Thank you!
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