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Madeline Steffke

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Moodle

Modular Object Oriented
Dynamic Learning Environment

Moodle is a Learning Management System.

It is a software program that helps combine classroom learning with online learning.
Moodle was invented by Martin Dougiamas.
In 1999, Learning Management System that Dougiamas's college didn't have the certain features that the students needed, so Dougiamas invented Moodle.
By 2001, the site was fully developed.
Currently, Moodle has

73,748,763 users.
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What Moodle can do
Create courses and assignments
Grade assignments
Learn from other educators
Communicate with teachers and other students
Complete and submit assignments
On this site you can create
courses and assignments
for learning, both inside the classroom and out. Each course has different features that help you learn that subject.
Moodle allows students and teachers to communicate

with each other with chat, forums, and messaging.
Moodle can be personalized

based on your way of teaching, the age group being taught, and for people with disabilities.
Teachers and students of every age group can use it.

People all over the world are using Moodle every day.
Our opinion is that Moodle is a great
site for learning and someday it
is going to be used by everyone.
A school inside your computer
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