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Essay Internationalization increases creativity and innovation

minor da vinci

Igniting Ambitions

on 13 January 2010

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Transcript of Essay Internationalization increases creativity and innovation

Essay Internationalization increases creativity and innovation 1. What are Hotspots?
2. How does internationalization affect Hotspots?
4.1 What is internationalization?
4.1 What is the current situation of internationalization in relation to Hotspots?
4.2 How can internationalization affect the chance on Hotspots in the future?
3. What are the facilition requirements to increase the chance on Hotspots? The current situation Facilitation of internationalization increases the chance on Hotspots Hotspots Internationalization (Cooperative mindset x Boundary spanning x Igniting purpose)
Productive capacity Think global act global
(learn from each other and work with each other)
Think global act local
(Use the world for local sake)
Think local act global
(Use the local means global) Misunderstandings (Hotspots)

Lazy Dutch people (Cooperative mindset)
Every country has rules and systems (Boundary spanning)
Cultural and background differences (Igniting purpose)
Foreigners can not read Dutch (Productive capacity) Future situation Internationalization can lead to;
input from 7 milliard people
cooperation with 7 milliard people
more effective use of money, time and people
more efficient with money, time and the world
ultimate innovations
less conflicts
more hotspots
Optimal facilitation One language
Intercultural hospitality
Global leaders
Smart use of the given

16 Million Dutch, aint much!
7 Milliard has way more potential Oh, and don't forget.... you are competing from now on with 6,999,999,999 others from specialization to normalization (A lot of costs and double work)
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