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Liam Bacon

Thats Me!

Liam Bacon

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Liam Bacon

Liam Bacon An overview about me Well, I’m 14 years of age.
I love sport, especially hockey and my goal this year
was to get into the South Yorkshire team.
I love to film short sketches which you should check out on my Youtube channel.
I’m into all sorts of music. It depends what mood i'm in. E89 I love everyone at e89, I love the fact
that everyone is there for each other
and can express their feelings very easily
with each other. I also love learning about
Jesus and I really want to be confirmed
next year. I miss Rob but i'm sure Ben will
just as good, everyone has their own specialities
I am looking forward to the future with Ben. Sport My favourite Sport is hockey.
I only wanted to start because
it looked interesting when Sam,
my older brother started playing.
I used to hate watching it.
My goal this year was to get into
the South Yorkshire team.
I got to the final part until we
failed to get to the last part. The team
didn’t get through by a couple of
points. I still love playing hockey
even though the season has finished
but I can’t wait until next year.
South Yorkshire was an amazing
experience this year and last year. I am into a lot of Music such as pop, metal, rock, metal-folk. The people I love to listen to the most has probably got to be people from Soul Survivor, at the moment im into the Soul Survivor remix CD. I loved Soul Survivor, and I am looking forward to Soul Survivor next year. If I had to choose which Soul Survivor i'd like to go to it would still be week a because its not to big or too small. There were things in 2011 Soul Survivor that could have changed because of things I won't mention now, i'm sure if Ben took us to SSA next year with Helen, it would be perfect as coming from others Ben is really organised. I am looking forward. Music I have only recently become a Christian, and that was at Soul Survivor Day 2, but I have always said I was a Christian. When I was small I went to Sunday School with Lewis, and carried it on for a few years, and I always looked forward to going there every Sunday. I loved learning about Christianity and loved the worship at the beginning. But when I was 11 I started hockey for Rotherham and this was on a Sunday Morning. It was really tough leaving them to be honest. I still play hockey now but I have realised I don't want to let other things affect what I believe. E89 started and I was quite enthusiastic about going, even if it had been a rough night before I went. I have obviously carried on this since and I think the best event we have done is Soul Survivor. Purely because I became a Christian. I want to get confirmed a Christian next year I think, i'm not 100% sure but I might do. Im looking forward for the future and what God brings me. Any Questions? Being a Christian A bit about my mums side of the family I love all my family to bits and I don't know where I would be without them, to be honest. The oldest family member is my Great Grandma and she is 93, she is lovely. She is part of the Mitchells which is my Mum's maiden name. Here is a picture of the Mitchells.
All of these live in Leicester. I have two Grandparents that are to me my Grandad and Jasmine. As my Grandad used to be married to my Nanna but then got married to Jasmine in 2004. I have a few pictures of my Grandad and Jasmine at the wedding, and a few embarrassing pictures I found on Mum's memory card of me and Lewis at the wedding. Will be on further on in the presentation. A bit about my Dad's side of the family I love all of my family, as I said. The main people I keep in contact with are my Grandma and Grandad, my Auntie Julie, and my two cousins, Adam and Luke. My Grandma is trying her hardest to look after my Grandad as he has Alzheimers. This is really upsetting for me and has put me down a few times. It's really hard to see him like this sometimes. I love talking to him. My Auntie works at Pit Stop here at the Parish Centre and is going through a hard time having a divorce from my Uncle. Adam does acting and has done a few musicals such as Joseph and many more. He was guttered not to see We Will Rock You at Ecclesfield a few months ago. Luke has a disease where he throws up all the time, and it stopped him from going to school. He still managed to do his exams and is now finished College doing cookery. He is doing really well. Embarrassing Photos
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