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Guns are fun

No description

Alanna-Kai Alvarez

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Guns are fun

Does the region that you live in have an effect on your likelihood of committing a gun related crime? Hypotheses Teenagers and young adults are most likely to participate in a gun related incident.

Illegally obtained guns are more likely to be used in a violent crime. Gun Control and Gun Violence By; Alanna-Kai Alvarez, Allie O'Brien, & Naomi Ko Does having a mental illness and exposure to guns make you more likely to commit violence?
Does age affect your likelihood committing a gun related crime? After the shooting in Newtown leaving twenty children and six adults dead, Adam Lanza became a villain in the eyes of the country.
Because of the unexpectedness of the act, his mental health was called into question.
Gun control was again becoming a major conflict.
Shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Aurora sparked debates between pro and anti-gun groups Exposure to Guns Is gun violence more likely to be committed using an illegally or a legally obtained gun? Or is there no difference? Issues with Guns Age Incidences of homicide increase greatly in the late teens and are the highest at 20 years old
2- 41% of juveniles admitted to be in a gang Mental Illness Continued One study showed that mental illness alone cannot predict violent behavior
Violence can be better predicted by mental illness combined with another risk factor, such as substance abuse Mental Illness Many people believe that one is more likely to commit a violent act if one is mentally ill
This comes under debate especially after an act involving guns occurs
Studies have been conducted on this subject Regional Gun Violence Age Continued Urban Areas http://www.theatlanticcities.com/neighborhoods/2012/07/geography-gun-violence/2655/ http://www.jhsph.edu/research/centers-and-institutes/johns-hopkins-center-for-gun-policy-and-research/publications/WhitePaper102512_CGPR.pdf Legally Bought Guns and Crime Mental Illness Continued 77% of 15-17 year old homicide victims between 1976 and 2005 were killed as a result of injuries related to guns
The age groups most at-risk for gun-related deaths are teenagers and young adults Some factors that were found to be better predictors of violence were being male, having a history of violence, having separated from a partner within the last year, being young, and feeling that others are threatening you
Overall, severe mental illness cannot independently guarantee that a person is more likely to commit a violent act Most violent crime happens in urban areas
53% of urban victims of violent crime were attacked by a stranger, only 47% and 34% of suburban and rural victims respectively were victimized by a stranger
More homicides caused by guns occur in urban areas than in rural areas Rural Areas newsbatch.com 1.2% of federally licensed gun dealers supply 57% of the guns used in crime.
In 2005, the ATF looked at 3,083 gun dealers and found 12,274 unaccounted for firearms
Private sellers are not required to conduct background checks or keep records Illegally Bought Guns Continued Gun Shows and Crime An ATF study found that over 10,000 guns used in crimes traced in a year were connected to gun shows Suburban Areas In a study that interviewed arrested criminals in 11 cities, over half of the interviewees stated their most recently purchsed gun had been paid for with cash
Believed buying guns illegally is easy
Some said they could obtain an illegal gun in a week or less
In another study interviewing arrestees, of those who belonged to a gang or had sold illicit drugs recently, 60% bought their last gun illegally
13% of participants admitted to stealing a gun Illegally Bought Guns Kids from rural regions perish due to a gun-related incident as often as children in cities do, shown by a study of 24,000 deaths
Suicides and accidentally shootings using guns are more likely to occur in rural areas than in urban areas Most guns used for violence have been stolen or transferred between people following the original purchase, rather than being purchased directly
Some criminals purchase guns illegally to use them for violent crime because their past offenses prevent them from purchasing guns legally Research shows that 29 percent of the guns recovered on Chicago’s streets between 2008 and the end of March were bought in the suburbs.
Research shows mass killings occur more often in suburban and rural areas http://www.blogrunner.com/snapshot/D/2/3/in_gun_ownership_statistics_partisan_divide_is_sharp/ Perspectives Symbolic Interactionism:
labeling theory- given a stigma
Differential Association- associating with gangs and violent groups can make a person more prone to violence

Functionalism: A violent act will bring people together and sides are taken things get done. Get people to notice that things need to be changed. For example, Sandy Hook and gun control and mental health Conclusions on Obtaining Guns Conclusions on Age and Gun Violence Research shows that criminals can obtain guns through loopholes within the system
People will sell guns without using background checks
There are many unaccounted for guns at gun retail places Young adults are more likely to be involved in gun violence
This includes those in their late teens and early twenties, when rates of gun violence rise sharply
This age group is also the most likely to be a victim of gun violence Recommendations 1. Watch the at risk ages for gun violence
2. Watch past offenders more closely
3. Look for multiple risk factors of violence
4. Make gun control part of the federal law and not state Suburban Areas: Legally Obtained Guns Most mass shootings take place in suburban or rural areas
29% of guns recovered in Chicago had been purchased in the suburbs
9% of violent crimes committed in the suburbs involved a firearm 1.2% of federally licensed gun dealers sell 60% of the guns used in crimes
Brady law does not require private sellers do not need top run background checks http://www.blogrunner.com/snapshot/D/2/3/in_gun_ownership_statistics_partisan_divide_is_sharp/ Age Restrictions 18-20 year olds can legally own any number of handguns in forty-five states

Most states put the restriction for firearm puchases at 18 only 5 states put it at 21 Guns, Gangs, Drugs 7% of gun holders were a part of a gang - 36% said they carry guns all the time
19% said they sold drugs in the past- 25% said they carried gun at all times Victims and Guns 59% of arrestees in possession of guns said that they were previously threatened
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