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Red Scarf Girl

No description

Annabelle Abair

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Red Scarf Girl

Red Scarf Girl
The Seven Habits
Ji-li Jaing
the ib attributes
Personal connection
Ji-li's story has taught me that no matter what happens you can always show the habits and attributes through your actions. An example would be my robotics team was very "synergetic." We had many intelligences like logical, visual spatial, linguistic, and kinesthetic. Also in robotics everyone has to be open-minded to all ideas, especially with the skit.

2: begin with the end in mind
In the beginning of the book Ji-li is very confident in herself and belives she can do great things. In the prologue she tells the reader that she expects herself to do well.
4: Think Win-Win
When An Yi's grandmother died, Ji-li went to the small funeral. If she hadn't then there could have been a conflict between the two best friends. Later on, An Yi helps when Ji-li's grandmother is "punished."
5: Seek First to understand then to be understood
Ji-li had to learn to understand
her father didn't want her to be in the Liberation Army.
7: Sharpen the saw
A negative da-zi-bao about Ji-li was posted at school. She stayed home a few extra days to think about the situation.
1: Be Proactive
Ji-li was proactive in choosing to be in charge of her grades after a conversation with her father about their class status.
3: put first things first
Thin Face wanted Ji-li to break with her family; she refused and put her family first.
6: synergize
When housekeeper Song Po-po could no longer work for Ji-li's family, they collaborated. Everyone had new jobs around the house. Ji-li's was to go to the market.
1: principled
2: balanced
Ji-li is balanced because she has perfect grades, she plays the piano, and she is very athletic.
3: Risk taker
When the elections for the Red Successors was taking place it came out that Ji-li's grandfather was a landlord. Having a landlord in the family is the worst class status. Ji-li should have been a risk taker and stood up for her family.
4: caring
When Ji-li found out that a friend's brother had epilepsy, she was caring and tried to comfort her.
5: knowledgeable
Ji-li was elected da-dui-zhang which is like the head of the class or #1 student.
6: thinker
Ji-li was always thinking about her personal best and how she could maintain it.
7: open-minded
Ji-li was told by Chang Hong that she had to work in the country to improve her politial life. She was open to the idea and went to work in the farms.
8: Reflective
9: inquirer
Ji-li's father was locked up and she didn't know why so she called Uncle Tian to try to get information.
10: communicator
When Ji-li's father was detained she stayed home so she could help. Lin-lin, from Ji-li's class, went to Ji-li's home to give her a message from their teacher.
When students were writing da-zi-bao about the teachers, Ji-li couldn't find anything negative to say.

When Ji-li's father was detained and her grandmother was sweeping the street, she looked back and realized that she had promised to take care of her family long ago. One time was when she didn't testify against her father. Another was when she hid a very important letter from the guards.
Ji-li Jaing lived through the cultural revolution in Shanhai
Ji-li Jaing lived through the cultural revolution which began in 1966 in Shanghai, China.
terms to know
1. da-zi-bao: critisism posters
2. da-dui-zhang: a title stating a very highly academic student
3. Red Successors: an elementary level political group for the Cultural Revolution
4. Liberation Army: a fine arts political group
Jiang, Ji-li. (1997).
Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolotion
. NY: Harper Collins Publishing, Inc.
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