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New Zealand Tour

No description

Logan Phillipi

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of New Zealand Tour

Let's go to New Zealand!!!!!! Welcome to New Zealand!!! Types Of Food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the Hangi New Zealand's Climate!!!!!! This is Pacifica Kaimoana. They have a mix of climate. It is sometimes cool and wet, and ther times it is hot and dry.Most places in New Zealand receive over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year.The sunlight here can quickly burn skin from September to April, especially between 10am and 4pm, even on cloudy days. New Zealanders usually are on a diet and try to eat fresh foods like , vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, either locally grown or imported. In addition, they use canned goods, packets and frozen items just as they do in the USA and Europe. Some resturants they have are McD, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Wendy's and many more, including very popular Indian, Chinese and other ethnic food outlets. Sushi has become extremely popular lately. New Zealand's Geograpical features!!!!!! New Zealand is made of two main islands, it varies in temperature, and it is very mountainous. New Zealanders accents may sound Australian at first,
but once your there you realize it isn't. For example they roll
their R's more often and say ah more. Like in the Fat Cat Sat
On The Mat. They have three different languages. English, Maori, and New Zealand sign language. Current Events!!! New Zealand's accents and languages!!!! Lord Of The Rings was broadcasted in New Zealand. New Zealand's Animals!!!!! New Zealand has rare animals like the wild kiwi bird. The Kiwi the the main symbol of New Zealand. Also, there is the oyster catcher bird. Not on the beach for relaxing, they are constantly busy looking for mussels, molluscs or crabs. Running down the beach when the waves retreat, running up again with the next wave. And so on. The Yellow-eyed Penguin is one of the world's rarest penguins, with less than 4’000 birds, it also happens to be the most antisocial of all, nesting very far apart from each other. Also called Wood Pigeon or Kereru, they are very important to disperse the seeds of the native bush, being the only ones big enough to eat certain tree fruit. They are so big and heavy that you can hear them fly above, nonetheless they are masters at acrobatic stalls and dives (be it whether they are drunk from fermented fruit or trying to impress their mates). New Zealand Falcon: A small but acrobatic and fearless hunter, with 230km/h said to be the world’s fastest bird! His habit of sometimes nesting on the ground is partly responsible for declining numbers. The beaches are a great place to relax. How They Contact Each Other!!! Telephone
Contact Visit website They contact each other by: New Zealand's Technology!!!!!! The hotels are really nice and fancy. Check it out!!! There restaurants are fancy like this one underwater. Religion!!! New Zealand's Holidays!!!! New Zealand is on the southern hemisphere. Our winter is their summer, so New Zealanders celebrate Christmas in the warm summer sun. Many flowers and trees are in bloom at this time of the year, for example the pohutukawa. The pohutukawa tree grows on the North Island, mainly in coastal areas and has lovely red blossoms. Therefore New Zealanders call the pohutukawa their Christmas tree. As it is usually quite warm on Christmas Day, New Zealanders can eat their Christmas dinner outside. Many people have a picnic or a barbecue. And some people even have a traditional Maori hangi: they dig a hole in the ground and heat it with hot stones. Then they put meat and vegetables into this hole, cover the hole and let the food cook inside. The hangi is served in the afternoon or evening; after the delicious meal, people often sit around and sing Christmas carols. Some New Zealanders can’t get enough of Christmas–they celebrate it twice each year: on 25 December and in July, which is mid-winter in New Zealand. So, if you go to New Zealand in July, you may find hotels and restaurants fully decorated for Christmas. Some of their traditional Christmas desserts are mince pie and Christmas cake. They also celebrate public holidays like.....
New Year's Day: January 1st
Day after New Year's Day: January 2nd
Waitangi Day: Febuary 6th
Good Friday: The friday before Easter
Easter Monday: The day after easter
Anzac Day: April 25
Queen's Birthday: The First Monday in June
Labour Day: The Fourth Monday in October
Christmas Day: December 25
Boxing Day: December 26 Polite Eating Manners!!! . New Zealanders are casual as is reflected in their table manners.
. The more formal the occasion, the more strict the protocol.
. Wait to be told where to sit.
. Meals are often served family-style.
. Keep your elbows off the table and your hands above the table when eating.
. Table manners are Continental -- hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating. They will not look askance, however, if you adopt American table manners.
. Indicate you have finished eating by laying your knife and fork parallel on your plate with the handles facing to the right. Mince Pie!!! New Zealand Desserts!!! Christmas Cake!!!!! A Christmas cake may be light or dark, crumbly-moist to sticky-wet, spongy to heavy, leavened or unleavened, shaped round, square or oblong as whole cakes. A mince pie, also known as minced pie, is a small British fruit-based mincemeat sweet pie traditionally served during the Christmas season. Trifle!!!!! a cold dessert made with sponge soaked with sherry, jelly and fruit, topped with a rich custard and cream. Pavlova!!! it is a large soft meringue cake, decorated with cream and fresh fruit, strawberries and kiwis being the number one choice for Christmas a rich cake containing dried fruit and nuts and citrus peel
The Denheath Custard Square is as Kiwi as alpine ranges, glacier-fed lakes and little men with hairy feet. Norms!!!!!!!!! The average height of men in New Zealand is from 5ft 8 1/2 inches to 5ft 9 1/2 inches.
The average height of women in New Zealand is between 5ft 4 inches and 5ft 5 inches. New Zealand Houses!!!! Golf
With more golf courses per head of population than any other country, about 400, New Zealand is an ideal destination for a golfer. Many of the courses are world class; frequently set in stunning surrounds, overlooking snowy mountains, lakes, seascapes or forests.
The main season is March to October, both because the winters are relatively mild and because in summer many New Zealanders concentrate on water sports.
One of the most popular team sports is rugby union. It is the national sport. The national team, known as the All Blacks, is one of the world's best. Another main winter sport, and the sport with the second highest player numbers, is netball. The national team, the Silver Ferns, has won the world championship several times. New Zealand Sports!!!!! New Zealand at the Summer Olympics!!!!!! All New Zealanders are called Kiwis, this is slang though. The indigenous New Zealanders are called Maories. Fun facts!!!!! Games Gold Silver Bronze Total
1908 London 0 0 1 1
1912 Stockholm 1 0 1 2
1920 Antwerp 0 0 1 1
1924 Paris 0 0 1 1
1928 Amsterdam 1 0 0 1
1932 Los Angeles 0 1 0 1
1936 Berlin 1 0 0 1
1948 London 0 0 0 0
1952 Helsinki 1 0 2 3
1956 Melbourne/Stockholm 2 0 0 2
1960 Rome 2 0 1 3
1964 Tokyo 3 0 2 5
1968 Mexico City 1 0 2 3
1972 Munich 1 1 1 3
1976 Montreal 2 1 1 4
1980 Moscow 0 0 0 0
1984 Los Angeles 8 1 2 11
1988 Seoul 3 2 8 13
1992 Barcelona 1 4 5 10
1996 Atlanta 3 2 1 6
2000 Sydney 1 0 3 4
2004 Athens 3 2 0 5
2008 Be ijing 3 2 4 9
2012 London 6 2 5 13
Total 42 18 39 99
Total including medals as part of Australasian team 43 18 41 102 The fruit has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor, and today is a commercial crop in several countries, such as Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and France.[2] New Zealand plants!!!!!! This Isn't New Zealand.... Most common New Zealand baby names!!! Kiwi Fish!!!! The 5 most common boy names are Liam, Joshua, Oliver, Lucas, and William.
The 5 most common girl names are Ruby, Olivia, Sophie, Isabella, and Charlotte. Kiwi sweet tooth
For Kiwis with a sweet tooth, the indigenous chocolate fish has been a long-term favourite. The chocolate-coated marshmallow fish comes individually wrapped in the full size version or as a bag of smaller minnows. The hangi is usually prepared for special occasions like christmas. Traditionally, men dig and prepare the hole, and women prepare the food to go in it. All members of an extended family (whanau) help out for such a feast. The occasion is relaxed, friendly and fun, with people often eating the meal under a marquee. Several tourist locations, including Rotorua in the North Island, put down hangis for groups of visitors. Kiwi Hokey Pokey Ice Cream!!!! New Zealand Pets!!! Generations of Kiwis have been caught under the hokey pokey ice-cream spell.
This caramelised sugar - known as ‘honeycomb’ or ‘humbug’ elsewhere - is often eaten on its own, but the New Zealand version is mixed with vanilla ice-cream and known as hokey pokey. A 2007 survey revealed that 52% of New Zealand households had a cat, and nearly 30% had a dog. However, many people find other animals rewarding companions, including horses, fish, turtles, pigs, birds, and so-called ‘pocket pets’ – mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. New Zealand Hobbies!!!! They like to garden, to do "do it yourself" projects, to fish, to play rugby, cricket, boating , car racing, and snow skiing. New Zealands National sport!!!!!!!!! notably rugby union (considered the national sport), rugby league New Zealand Currency!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Zealand Transportantion!!!!!!!!! The maximum speed limit on the open road is 100 km/h, with 50 km/h the common limit in residential areas. Speed limits of 60, 70, and 80 km/h are also used. Speeds are often reduced to 30 km/h beside roadworks. Buses are the most common form of public transport in New Zealand, making up the majority of trips in every city that has public transport (and often being the only public transport mode available). They are followed by trains, which are found in Wellington and Auckland. Ferries also play a role, mainly in Auckland but also in other cities. Trams in New Zealand, while once common in many cities and towns, now survive only as heritage displays. Cable cars have also been employed; the Dunedin cable tramway system was both the second and second-last to operate in the world, while the Wellington Cable Car is now a funicular. The fruit has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor, and today is a commercial crop in several countries, such as Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and France.[2] There currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZ$). One New Zealand Dollar is converted into 83 cents. New Zealand Bus!!!!!! Cable Car!!!!!!! New Zealand Airlines!!!!!! This is a broad guide to the airlines that fly to New Zealand. Some of the airlines code share, a practice that allows them to share each other’s aircraft. We recommend you contact the airlines directly for detailed information about flights. Flights around New Zealand
Flying between towns and cities in New Zealand is easy. Our two major domestic carriers are:

Air New Zealand
Jetstar The 10 cent coin is made of copper-plated steel. It has A Mori koruru, or carved head on it. The 20 cent coin and the 50 cent coin are made of Nickle-plated steel. The 20 cent has a Mori carving of Pukaki, a chief of the Ngati Whakaue and the 50 cent coin has a HM Bark Endeavour (which is a ship) and Mount Egmont. The $1 and $2 coin are made of Aluminum Bronze. The $1 coin has a Kiwi and Silver Fern on it and the $2 coin has a Kotuku (Great Egret). Each one has Queen Elisabeth the second as the heads side. Is New Zealand In Debt?!?!?!?!? http://www.johnpemberton.co.nz/html/total_debt_.html Kiwi Fruit!!!! This project was made possible by Logan the best Prezi maker, Justin the super cool prezi maker, Eugene, the super cool picture finder, and Joe, who worked a bit, and spoke for this prezi, but didn't participate as much as the three people before him. New Zealand schools!!!!!!!!! There are also more animals in New Zealand like the Irish goat, some species of dolphins, seals, and some whales. Check it out. New Zealand schools go to grade 13. Typically, a bachelor's degree will take three years, and a further year of study will lead to an Honours degree. Not every degree follows this 3+1 pattern: there are some four year degrees and some specialist bachelor's degrees which take longer to complete. Typically, Honours may be awarded with first class, upper second class, lower second class or third class, but this can vary from degree to degree. The world’s first vaccine to control clostridial diseases in animals was developed in New Zealand. Kiwis also developed a programme to eradicate bovine brucellosis. (These are all mainly diseases for cattle) Marcos Ambrose is the only Austrailian NASCAR driver. He is from Austrailia. Marcos Ambrose is a championship winning Australian racing car driver. He currently drives the No. 9 DeWalt Power Tools Ford Fusion for Richard Petty Motorsports in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Wikipedia New Zealand Racing!!!!!! New Zealand's Art and Artists !!!! This is the puriri tree.Currently small quantities of puriri timber are available from time to time around the greater Auckland province and Northland(17), these tend to be mostly used for wood-turning or, as in the case of puriri fence posts, be recycled as garden furniture Tarzan Presley - Nigel Cox

What if Tarzan and Elvis were one and the same? This outrageous question forms the basis of the novel, with the story of the two famous individuals intertwined. Raised by gorillas in the Wairarapa bush, the protagonist's life takes a dramatic turn when he is "discovered" by a Memphis record producer and finds fame in America. New Zealand Dances!!! They use their art sometimes for traditional reasons. Gottfried Lindauer
He made the art above. Ngati Kahungunu New Zealand's Movies!!!!! New Zealand Music!!! It's music was influenced by Jazz, blues, country, rock and roll and hip hop. New Zealand Shag
By: Michelle Gladwell Blue Smoke By Pixie Williams New or future realeases:
The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey,
Tintin (sequal)
The Hobbit: There and back Again Liam Barr:
Totara Graveyard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_New_Zealand







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/Desktop/Fruit%20ninja%20kiwifruit%20-%20Google%20Search-1.webloc Sources!!!!!!!!!! Some kiwis listen to pink,Bruno Mars, Harlem Shake, Rihanna, one derection and nelly. This is it! Welcome to New Zealand!!!!! Why Tourits Should Go To New Zealand!!!!! White - peace and honesty

Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valour

Blue - vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice Tourist Attractions!!!!! The Sky Tower in Auckland! New Zealand Language!!!!! New Zealand Economy!!!! The unemployment rate is around 6.29%. They mainly trade with Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, and the US. New Zealand's Imports and Exports!!!! They mainly export fruits, veggies, fish, machinery, wood and wood products, dairy products, and meats. The major exports are vehicles and aircraft, machinery, petroleum, electronics, textiles, and plastics. New Zealand TV shows!!!! They have New Zealand's got Talent. New Zealand Literacy Rate!!!! The overall literacy rate is 99%. We learned many new facts, such as that New Zealand has a high literacy rate. Also, they have cool animals there, like the kiwi bird and the New Zealand Falcon. By: Logan Phillipi, Justin Boeve, Eugene Mcherron, and Joe Kasiewicz
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