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H.A.B Info Night

No description

Kal Ismail

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of H.A.B Info Night

Take a break.
Get Alternative!
The Huskie Alternative Breaks (HAB) program has been sending NIU students to participate in community service throughout the United States and the world since its founding in 2009.

HAB strives to raise awareness and educate students about social justice issues by providing an opportunity for alternative breaks that will inspire them to become active citizens of society and leaders in their communities.
About Us
What's an Alternative Break?
This year, Huskie Alternative Breaks will be introducing the concept of a weekend break trip! Volunteers will have an opportunity to raise awareness about hunger and homeless in Chicago as a part of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.
Spring Break Trips
March 12-18th, 2016
Hunger and Homelessness
Weekend Break Trip
November 21-22, 2015
A deep sense of accomplishment
Personal connection to the issues
Meaningful relationships
Resume Booster
What do you get out of it?
Interested in going on a trip?
How to Get Involved
Applications due: 9/19/16
Available at
Varies depending on trip ($300-$450)
*International Trip Cost: $1,207

Includes Meals, Transportation, Lodging for entire trip!
TONS of FUNdraising opportunities available!
Upcoming Fundraisers
Six Flags- Coasters for a Cause
Carson Community Days
Huskie Den Proceeds:
Fall Family Weekend
Give a hand.
An alternative break is a service-learning trip where a group of college students engage in volunteer service. These break trips occur during the University's winter and spring breaks and during May interim (International Trips).

Each trip has a focus on a particular social justice issue, such as (but not limited to) poverty, education reform, refugee resettlement, and the environment. Students learn about the social justice issues through trainings beforehand and then perform projects with non-profit organizations based on the social justice issue during that break trip.
Winter Break Trip
December 10-17th 2016

During winter break, students will be traveling to a city that works to serve their community of people experiencing homelessness. NIU student volunteers will be working alongside citywide nonprofits that strive to end homelessness within their community; their goal is to end homelessness within their city by 2025. Students will be serving meals, assisting with building beautification, serving with programs, as well as helping, and taking part in, a Memorial March and Service, to help remember those who died while homeless. Not only will this trip open your eyes to the social justice issue surrounding homelessness, you will also learn much about how nonprofits strive to end homelessness, and how to be an advocate for social change.

Volunteers will be working with a nonprofit organization that’s fighting to change the next generation by providing a place where youth can express themselves freely and accept one another, despite differences in color, sexual orientation, and level of income.
Helping Families in Search of a Better Life
Each year, many people risk their lives at a chance for a new life in the United States. Often these people come from crime-ridden countries and extreme poverty. NIU student volunteers will work with Catholic Charities of RGV to ensure that these people are received with compassion and are treated with dignity.
*Students attending this trip MUST be US citizens, permanent residents, or DACA recipients*
International Trip
May 14-21, 2016
Providing Hope & Freedom for a Brighter Future
NIU student volunteers will work with a nonprofit organization that offers various services that create a health-focused environment to care and support the needs of victims of sex-trafficking. Through advocacy and awareness efforts, and also working with individuals who have experienced sex-trafficking, volunteers will gain awareness and education while serving.
NIU volunteers who will take part in this eye opening trip will will be working with Panorama Service Expeditions (PSE), which is a non-profit organization focused on grass-roots sustainable social development projects in Nicaragua. This Compact towards long-term, sustainable and social justice-focused projects, all uniquely designed to intensify economic and social development in Nicaraguan communities. Your expedition will support the elementary school and its children in a nearby Nicaragua Compact rural community. You will assist teachers in classrooms, and engage the students with ESL, art, and music projects, as well as participating in break and after school activities. You will also work on one of several projects at the school, all associated with improving the school’s buildings and grounds. Our project this summer is to make a garden for the students to plan trees, grow vegetables, and teach the students how to properly maintain it throughout the year.
Kickoff: 9/29/16
Contact Us:
Twitter: @NIU_Habers
IG: @huskiealtbreaks_niu
Rural Education in a Developing Country
The Fight to End Homelessness
America: The Land of the Opportunity? Exploring Socio-Economic Status
Winter Break Trip
International Graduate Trip
January 7th- Januray 14th

Social Service Trip to Guatemala: Working with local community members to build a home for a family in need.

The graduate counseling program is working with Huskie Alternative Breaks to give graduate NIU students an opportunity to get out of the classroom, and become socially responsible advocates. Working with Catalyst Resource International (CRI) we will be completing a service trip to Guatemala City, Guatemala. During this trip we will have the opportunity to build a home for a family, visit a local orphanage, and become immersed in the culture.
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