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Gordon Franks Training

Tuesday Apprenticeship Presentation

Thassha Nembhard

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of Gordon Franks Training

Welcome! Before we start...
What is an Apprenticeship?
Gordon Franks Training.
A message from Gordon himself...
Your Recruitment Consultants:
Thassha Nembhard
Business Administration
Customer Service
Job Sectors Available
What we do for you!
- Support and Help you find the perfect Apprenticeship for you.

- At your request, refer you to other providers. (College's, Other providers)

- Highlight and promote your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

- Support any learning barriers you have (Dyslexia, Autism etc.)
What are Employers looking for?
The process
We will...
Today, we will conduct one to one interviews and provide feedback.
Offer information, support and advice regarding our programmes and support going forward
Discuss vacancies with any suitable candidates on our caseload before it has been advertised
Ongoing support with interview techniques if needed
A tailored assessment day to work on your skills and highlight your strengths to employers where we will offer CV writing and interview techniques and ensure your CV is perfect before we send out to employers
We send 5 key points to employers to promote your strengths and your suitability for the role
Gordon Franks Training
Apprenticeship Presentation
Phones on
House Rules

Fire Evacuation
Hats, coats
and jackets off!
Don't be nervous! Please join in.
Minimum wage is
£3.50 but some
employers can pay more
Working Hours?
A full-time role is 30
hours upwards. A
part-time role is below
30 hours.
12-15 Months for
Level 2
12-24 Months for
Level 3.
Work Based Learning
Most of your training will
be delivered at your work place with recent visits from your assessor. Workshops at GFT will also be carried out for the first 6 weeks.
We are responsible for sending your profile to employers and discussing suitable vacancies with you.
We will arrange interviews and work trials between yourself and the employer.
Please ensure you keep us up to date in regards to your contact details and availability.

What do we expect from you?

Keep in contact
with your
Recruitment Consultant
all arranged
12 months +
to your apprenticeship
Comply with all the rules
and regulations set by
your employer
Questions for you...
Why do you want to secure
an Apprenticeship?
What can you offer an
Thank-You for listening!
Any questions?

Gordon Franks Training
Jennifer Coulson
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