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Coronado the Explorer

No description

Katie Tschumper

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Coronado the Explorer

Explorer of the New World Birth and Death Date Coronado's Accomplishments Impact on the New World Impact on Native Americans An Anti-Coronado World Birth:
Salamanca, Spain. Coronado traveled to New
Spain. He ended up marrying
Dona Beatriz. Coronado heard
rumors about the seven
cities of gold. He then set
out with 300 spanish soldiers
and about 1,000 Native Americans.
They failed to find the cities of gold, but
fortunately they wandered across the
Grand Canyon. Positive:
Coronado impacted the world in a positive
way because he discovered much of the new world. This new world had soft soil and many
of the other earth's natural riches. Coronado treated the Native
Americans with great
disrespect. The Native
American tribes would have a
larger population. If Coronado
hadn't traveled, there wouldn't have been all the torture and killing. Coronado left the Native Americans with a tummy ache. If it weren't for Coronado, the southwestern Native Americans could have survived for a longer period of time. Francisco Vasquez Coronado Death:
September 22, 1554
Mexico City Negative:
Coronado also impacted the world in a negative way because he mistreated the natives. He raided their villages, took
over their homes and killed many
men and women when they
refused to do what he
asked. Coronado was not the most sequential conquistador to the evolution of the Spanish empire. He did discover much of the southwest, but his achievements were not ones that others could not have replicated. If Coronado had never been born, there might be slightly different things in the world today, but nothing too substantial. For example, our current technological development might by marginally behind and the Grand Canyon might have had a different name, but the world would still be in a similar condition overall. We would likely still be fighting an infuriating war
in the middle east and our economy would
probably still be recovering from a
recession. CORONADO!! Why man, did you treat the Native Americans the way you did? The reason why I treated them this way was because they were a huge road block in my expedition. I mean would I stop to deal with these dudes when I have some cities of Gold to find.
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