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Tundra Biome

No description

Amber Rollins

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Tundra Biome

Double click anywhere & add an idea Tundra Biome A biome with extreme weather conditions , harsh cold winters and minimal rainfall, that cannot support trees. A biome is a terrestial ecosystem that occupies vast geographical area and is characterised by a specific type of plant community (desert) Artic Tundra An extensive region that
borders the Artic Ocean Winters can get negative 40 degrees or below winds that are 30-60 miles an hour precipitation up to 10 inches Average growing season is only a few weeks in the summer summer temperature can
get to freezing the life is adapted to the cold of the Artic Tundra dwarf willows and
perennial wildflowers low to
the grown to escape harsh
tempuratures boggy summer soil could be a desert but the
massive ice melting makes water
plentiful Caribou are an example of animals
that live there , their body can regulate blood flow in the leg enough to resist frost bite A food web
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