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Critical Approaches to Literature

No description

Kristina Martin

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Critical Approaches to Literature

Critical Approaches to Literature
Reader Response
Studies the interaction of reader with text, holding the text as incomplete until it is read.
New Critical
Everything needed to analyze the work is contained within the text.
Waiting by Peggy McNally
Step 1
First identify your purpose for reading.
What type of "frame" are you going to look at the story through?
Three Approaches
Reader Response frame

New Critical frame

Archetypal frame
For example, if you read a story, then your response to the text would be your focus.
Language, literary elements, and structure... i.e form
Archetypes are figures or patterns recurring in works of the imagination (in the mind)
Archetypal characters: villain, hero, the outcast, etc..
Archetypal situations: the quest, journey, death and rebirth.
Archetypal symbols: light/dark, height/ depth
Find Patterns
Draw conclusions
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