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Literature 1

book presentation

min hee son

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Literature 1

THE THIEF LORD By: Cornelia Funke Presentation by Min Hee Son Cornelia Funke She was born in 1958, December, 10th in German. Most of her novels
are fantasy
and science fiction Writing Style I liked her book because when
she described a character , instead of
directly describing the characteristics, she showed
the charateristics through the characters'
action, the way they talk. Summary There was two children
named Prosper and Bo.
Their mother died, so their
aunt adopted them. However
her aunt only want Bo. So they
decided to escaped to Venice.
They met many good friends.
Later, one of friends called Scipio
lied to them. In addition, they
got a request from a client who
wanted a wooden wing which
changes adult to child or child
to adult.
The wooden wing was in the
wealthy photographer's house
called Ida. The shopkeepr called Barbarossa
who was a person gives the money
to the children when they brings
stuff. At the end, he becomes a
baby and adopted to the Bo's
aunt's house. He got caught
when he steals stuff. So he sent
to Boarding school which he
became the biggest bully.
Prosper and Bo lived with Ida
and attended to school. EXAMPLES for aunt and uncle: "Without saying a word, the woman reached into her bag.
She had ash-blonde hair and a pointed nose. Her mouth didn't
look as if smiling was its favorite activity. The man was a giant, at least
two full heads taller than Victor. His nose was peeling from sunburn
and his eyes were small and dull. Doesn't look like he can take a joke either, Victor thought, as he committed the two faces to memory. He could never remeber
a phone number, but he never forgot aface." She wrote many famous books,
and she got total 15 awards since 1998
to 2008 for writing an interesting books.
OPINIONS: The Thief Lord was an interesting book.
The main reason I liked this book is that
the way she writes the book made me
have more clear image of the story.
Second, the part when street children
made living themselves and facing an
adventure was the most interesting while
I was reading The Thief Lord. The story provides a readable and interesting meditation on two themes. The first, sparked by the “unmasking” of the Thief Lord, asks how people respond to unsought charity. The group is grateful for all the things the Thief Lord has provided, but nonetheless angry at his willingness to wrap the gifts in a lie. The second theme has to do with the promises and perils of trying to join a different generation THEME OF THE STORY THANK YOU!
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