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Fellowship of the Ring

No description

Joe Provenzale

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Fellowship of the Ring

Fellowship of the Ring
By J.R.R. Tolkien Most of this facinating
novel took place in the woods or in Bag Hill, a fictional town. Setting The Ring The ring makes you more greedy and turns you into a wicked man or woman. The Ring also turns you invisible which has terrible side- effects. The Golem The Golem tries to get back the ring he stole. He may even try to trap and trick you to get back his "Precious." The Elves Try to trick Frodo into thinking he is going the wrong way. This greatly troubles Frodo until Gandalf comes and tells him what is right.
Climax Gandalf comes to lead them on and to protect them from the evils including The Ring. He leads them through the woods and through a dangerous and mysterious Cave. Resolution The resolution takes place when Gandalf leads them on their way from the Cave. It is also when Young Frodo learns the greed of The Ring is not everything, and he can live in peace. Theme A theme in The Fellowship of the Ring is Greed. People, exspeacally young children, should know about greed and how it affects them in daily life. Greed can control a persons mind so much that he or she may forget loved ones, freinds or thmselves and only think about that one item or goal. Reactions I feel that this book should be read by teens so they may know that greed is in the world and how to protect themselves from it. I have looked at the world from a different point and I love my family even more because I don't want to lose them to greed. gt jd
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