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Club Med The Branding Strategy

No description

Dulce Leyva

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Club Med The Branding Strategy

Club Med Overview 1
The Principle of Self-Similarity?
Club Med Overview 2
Semantic Network of Club Med
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Product range
Brand Development
Brand Development
New Campaign
Brand Wheel
Brand Identity vs. Brand Image
Evaluation of the Brand
Lessons Learnt

Brand Development
Marketing & Communication
Anna Bernhard - Julia Huilla - Dulce Leyva - Jessica Tobé
Club Med
The Branding Strategy

70 villages in 25 destinations around the world (premium all-inclusive)
5-mast Club Med 2 sailing ship
Luxury tours
Luxury Villas and Chalets for sale
Unique range of sports activities
€1,400 million in revenue (2013; 56% of them outside France)
1.2 million clients

"To enable all members to enjoy the dream holidays that they
deserve, upholding our 5 values"
To become the world leader in premium all inclusive holidays
with the French expertise.
Multicultural, pioneering spirit, kindness, freedom, responsibility

Brand promise

Dreams, happiness and friendship
Beautiful locations, wealth of activities, customer comfort and personalised services
Promises to become todays global specialist in friendly, upscale, multicultural all-inclusive holidays. 


70´s and 80´s: “les verbs” and “Antidote for civilization”

80’s and 90’s: “Le bonheur, si je veux” (Happiness the way I want it)

2000: “Etre-re”(Being happy again)

Brand Development
2005-2007: “Les Visages” (Faces)

2008-2012: “Tous les bonheurs du monde” (Where happiness means the world)
And What’s Your Idea of Happiness?
New campaign started in 2013
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi + Duke agency
The campaign was deployed in 47 countries and 22 languages
Based on the repositioning on the upscale segment
Invites every client to imagine their own dream(s)
The brand’s theme song Paraiso (Jean-François Mory)

The purpose of life is
to be happy.

he moment to be happy is
, and the place is

And What’s Your Idea of Happiness?
The Creative Principle
16 visuals + the signature
“And what’s your idea of happiness?”
“More happiness than you can imagine”
“Where will your imagination take you?”

Brand Wheel
Brand Image
“Club med has been in succession, and sometimes simultaneously, democratic and elitist, individual and family-oriented, nomadic and sedentary, French and cosmopolitan, one of a kind and copied by everyone,
foreign vacation spot and city leisure center
. Does it remain Club Med? Yes. Does it always have the same identity? Not really.” (Sicard, 2013, p. 53)
Brand Identity vs.
Brand Image
Introducing Club Med CREACTIVE
starting in June 2015
Evaluation of the Brand

Strong brand recognition and international coverage
New cooperation with Cirque du Soleil
Attractive proposition (does not exist in the market)
Fits the brand promise "happiness"
Enhance the family vacation concept
Enough resources for strong, visual marketing campaigns created by professional agencies
Logo and visuals have not radically changed
Challenge when attracting different segments:
Wellness tourists
Business tourists
—> contrasting attributes
Different customers are now associating different meanings with the brand

Sicard, M-C. (2013). Brand revolution. Rethinking brand identity.
Hampshire: Palgrave MacMillan.

Club Med Jobs USA (n.d.). Happiness maker since 1950. http://www.clubmedjobs.us/knowing-us-better/our-story/happiness-maker-1950

Club Méditerranée (n.d.). Strategy. http://www.clubmed-corporate.com/?cat=219

Club Méditerranée (2014). 2014 Annual report - registration document and annual financial report 2014.

Quester, P. G., & Fleck, N. (2010). Club Med: coping with corporate brand evolution. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 19(2), pp. 94-102.

YouTube (2014). Introducing Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil.
Thank you for your attention!
Lessons Learnt
How to establish a strong brand identity

Need to adapt branding and its communication according to customers' needs and expectations

Need of having a clear positioning
Adapted from: Burmann, C./Blinda, L.: Markenführungskompetenzen - Handlungspotenziale einer identitätsbasierten Markenführung, Uni Bremen Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Arbeitspapier Nr. 20, Bremen 2006, S. 7

Evaluation of the Brand
Typology of consumer responses to Club Med brand shift
source: Quester and Fleck, 2010
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