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Welcome to 4B!

No description

Adam Herb

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to 4B!

During Reading

- vocabulary, descriptive and figurative language
- character traits and feelings
- making inferences, analyze author
- making connections to ourselves and world
- comprehension questions – Bloom’s Taxonomy
- divergent questioning


Welcome to 4B!
Educating Boys...
Let's watch a short video that shows some of the perks and perils that can happen with a group of eager boys...
Thanks for coming!
Let's Ride the Wave...
Email, calls, meetings, home folders
Monthly, student-centered reflection…
please sign!
at "interim" time
Trimester Report Cards

Conference Time - Sign Up Procedures will be emailed soon, I hope!

Policies, Procedures
- Dress Code
- Absences –
“Sick Plan”
- Website/Moodle/KidBlog

Homework – Math, Spelling, Reading are given with most regularity

- Weekly Writing
- Reading to prepare for class

– sections for each subject
Journals, Sketchbooks

– these stay at school
Home Folders
– Fridays, graded work
– homework, reminders, weekly writing, observations/summaries, blank grid



Skills: number grades, use of fifth grade +/- system
98-100 = 1+ 95-97 = 1 92-94 = 1-
89-91 = 2+ 86-88 = 2 83-85 = 2-
80-82 = 3+ 78-79 = 3 76-77 = 3-
74-75 = 4+ and so on…

Effort and Conduct: letter grades – emphasized more in Lower School – A, B, C, D

'A' is Excellent. 'B' is very good.
Will they know the difference...


“Be” 4B


I may not actually be a strict or stern teacher, although I do play one on TV ... (that’s between us!)
In 4B …

Reading/Writing/Grammar (L.A.)
Math, Social Studies,
Character Development

Go Away, please...
Science and Physical Education (P.E.)


- Student-Centered “5-E’s”
- Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, Evaluate
- Review day then test after most units
- Apply skills and computations to real-world applications

Language Arts – Reading

Comprised of Before, During and After Activities

Before: Essential Questions, background building, activate prior knowledge and personal experiences


During Reading

vocabulary, descriptive and figurative language
character traits and feelings
making inferences, analyze author
making connections to ourselves and world
comprehension questions – Bloom’s Taxonomy
divergent questioning (Quantity, Supposition, Viewpoint, Involvement, Association)

Academics, Classes, Activities

After Reading

- essay responses
- creative extensions to characters, ideas, or themes in the novel
- role playing, art projects, music
- research projects, journaling

More discussion?

Language Arts – Writing

6+1 Writing Traits

Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions

+1 = Presentation

Boys travel for Science, French, Music, Art, D &W, Library, Technology
A handful will travel to Mrs. Xanders or for Math or Language Arts.

- (Mixed groupings)
Hit the Road, Jacks…
- Class play, Morning Work, brain teasers, creative writing, jokes, games, brain breaks, 4B toys, Team Building, and 4B - Fantasy Football...
- Miscellaneous Fun
- Free Time: around the room are various places to find something to write about…
Academics, Classes, Activities
Math based: place value, number sense, graphing, statistics, trends, mean/median/mode, computation

- 30-45 mins per week
- Emphasizing the fun and friendly part of light competition
- All interest/knowledge levels are encouraged
- Will not hamper a well-rounded interest in other diversions…
Fantasy Football
We will be well-rounded
Being personally responsible for yourself because you are part of a group…
- room and area neatness
- responsibilities to be prepared each day
(signatures, forms, consistency)
- follow directions and be aware of your

Everybody’s a stickler about something…

Being personally responsible for yourself - do it for yourself AND because you are part of a group…

- Conscientious
- Discern between fun and picking on others
- Aware of others' comfort

Everybody’s a stickler
about something…

Homework… duh, duh, DUH!!

Music/Art: morning work, play, “filler” activities (Podcast Puzzles), snack time, read aloud

- Philosophy/Thinking
- Family, Kids
- Personal Reflection: weekly writing, journaling, monthly reflections

Social Studies

Maryland History
Natural Maryland and Geography
African American Leadership in MD
Chesapeake Bay

Our "Day" = Math Fair

Literature Circles with RPCS girls

African American Leadership Research Report, Speech, and Project

Field Trips -
Genesee Valley
St. Mary's City
Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History
Living Classrooms (on the water, harbor)

Fantasy Football (in case you haven't heard...)
What Separates us?
About an hour a night…
Reading – 15 min
Math – 15 min

Spelling – 25 min per week (online??)
Vocab - 25 min per week

French – twice a cycle?
Weekly Writing… maybe more like "Bi-Weekly..."

NO Social Studies, Grammar, Science

Full transcript