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Open House

Open House Presentation for 8th Grade Science

Laura Bernhard

on 25 July 2011

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Transcript of Open House

Welcome to 8th Grade
Science Class The topics to be covered this year are..... 1st Quarter Laura Price 4th Year at Gavilan Peak
6th Year Teaching Major in Earth Science
Minor in General Science

Working on my Masters in
Educational Technology at ASU West 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Bellwork (daily warm-up question)= 20 points
Notebooks-Composition = 20 points checked once a month
Labs = 15 - 20 points
Classwork = 5 points
Quizzes = 10 points
"Activities" (labs without the mess) = 10-15 points
Homework - Edmodo.com = 5 points once a week
Tests = 30 points Materials Needed Daily
Agenda - for weekly plan & bathroom passes
Folder for storage of assignments
Composition Notebook (will stay in class) Questions for me? Newton's Laws
Solving Simple Formula's Cells, Mitosis, Genetics Charles Darwin's
Theory of Natural Selection How do I grade? My website is a huge tool for you; it includes:
Printable (pdf) version of every hand-out
Link to the class Edmodo website - where homework will take place
Upcoming important dates When you want to contact me, (for a quick repsonse) please email:
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