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Adam Coomes

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of HONDA

How does Honda treat its employees? HONDA What is Honda's current relationship with the U.S.? Why doesn't Honda make a long bed truck? Honda treats its employees very well. If you were to go up to an employee that works for Honda most of them would say working for Honda is great. Honda also gives each employee benifits and stability with their job. At some plants in the U.S., every employee smilies even if they are having a rough day. If you were to work for Honda you would be very pleased to be working for them. Honda has a good relationship with the U.S. It allows suppliers to become more competitive and looks at all companies which is good for the U.S. Honda also employs more than 40,000 people in Ohio alone. Way back in 1979, Honda opened their 1st plant in America. Today, Honda uses over 600 suppliers in the U.S.A. to supply their plants. The one vehicle that Honda doesn't make is a truck with a long bed. Honda has said that they made the ridgeline as tough as it needed to be. So they didn't think that it needed to have a long bed. But, I know that some people would buy the ridgeline if it had a long bed option. But, that would cost honda a lot of money to do so.
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