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plot diagram for "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry"

No description

madeline leicht

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of plot diagram for "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry"

The Logan children learn about the burning of John Henry Berry.
When the children get old books, Little Man gets mad because of the offensive page, so he and Cassie refuse to take them.
When papa come to visit, he brings Mr. Morrison. Mr. Morrison acts as a body guard for the Logan family.
T.J. cheats on a test, but Stacey is blamed. Stacey, wanting revenge, goes to the Wallace store and fights T.J.
The Logans go the strawberry Mississippi and Cassie gets in trouble at the mercantile. Cassie, distracted leaves and bumps into Lillian Jean Simms. Her dad, Mr. Simms, a white man, pushes her and orders her to apologize. Cassie does as he says, but she gets mad.
The Logans set up a boycott on the Wallace store, so the bank uses it as and excuse to make the Logans pay off the debt on their land
Mama is fired because of T.J. to the Logans stop being his friend, T.J. starts to hang out with the Simms.
T.J. and the Simms brothers rob the mercantile in strawberry so the night men come after T.J. Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution Exposition Because T.J. wanted the pearl handled gun at the mercantile, he stole it, but the Simms brothers, who helped him steal it, framed him. They then beat him and set the night men after him. T.j. dies because of the injuries he received at the hands of the night men. After that, life returns to normal for the Logans. Cassie reflects on how she disliked T.J. but how wrong it feels without him. Mr. Jamison tries to stop T.J.'s lynching by confronting the night men.
papa sets out to help stop the lynching as well
the field burns, and Mr. Granger notices so he tells all the night men to stop and go stop the fire
Mr. Jamison confronts papa about the cause o the fire revealing that papa was the cause of the fire. he warns him to stay low so that no one else figures out what really happened. Protagonist: Cassie Logan Antagonist: The Wallaces, and Mr. Granger Setting-Time: 1930's Setting-Place: Mississippi Internal Conflict: Cassie, the protagonist, and her family are segregated by the whites, and she doesn't know what to do. External Conflict: The whites are lynching and abusing the blacks, and Cassie and her family are taking a stand Authors Theme: segregation in the south

Symbolism: the Logan land symbolizes freedom, and the will to never give up

Foreshadowing: T.J. gazes after the Logan children on a dark day only to turn around and join the Simms again
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