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FSM Presentation - Ottawa

No description

Rahim L

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of FSM Presentation - Ottawa

Ottawa FSM 1. Service Level Outcomes 2. Outcomes Star 3. Reports / Trends 4. TKN 5. Document Management 6. eCMS - Update Social Welfare Board for Canada 2010 | April 17 & 18 By: Rahim Ladha eCMS & Outcomes
Evangelist Agenda Are we there yet? But we have planted to seeds. Service Level Outcomes Outcomes Star for under 20
Outcomes Star for 20 + Short Term Outcomes Mid & Long Term Outcomes Service Level Outcomes Capture outcomes after every service is complete for a QLIP client. Progress / Next Steps: Regions involved in Pilot (Ont / Edm / QC / BC)
Focus is on 2010 ~ Q1
Upon data collection in progress.
Standerize Outcomes Statement after data collection
eCMS enhancements is completed - going live next weekend.
Finalize Online Report to produce Service Level Outcomes ?? How to monitor it?
How often we follow-up? Outcomes Star Outcomes Star for Under 20 Adopt from WDP's Mentor / Menteen Program Shared with Ontario / BC / Ottawa - waiting for a feedback. Outcomes Star for 20+ On Hold till Q4 Reports / Trends / O&S TKN Document Management
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