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Kaitlin Freundt

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Snow Leopard Panthera uncia General Characteristics Habitat: rugged mountains in central Asia Appearance:
small ears
5.5 ft. tail
40-50 kilograms Reproduction:
98-103 day gestation period
up to 5 cubs per litter
mating season Dec.-Jan
cubs born Mar.- Apr. Diet:
sheep, goat, myricaria
kill prey up to 3 times body weight
hunting season:June
every 10-15 days makes big kill Communication:
hissing, meowing,growling, wailing Why Endangered? Conflict With Humans *humans hunt prey *forced to hunt livetock Habitat Destruction *humans invade habitat
*driven toward humans Poaching *hunted throughout range
*earn up to $60,000 for furs and skins
*hunted for traditional medicine
*shot by civilians as pests
*bones used for international trade What's Being Done? Snow Leopard Conservancy *help villages build corrals to keep leopards out
*create insurance plans to replace livestock
*teach others that poaching leopards is unnecessary
*conserve leopard's habitat and prey Snow Leopard Trust *staff located in:
China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Pakistan
*able to help about 75% of leopards in world
*create a conservation that benefits both humans and wildlife The Aspinal Foundation *housed leopards since 1975
*40 successful leopards born
*protects all endangered animals and habitats World Wildlife Foundation

*teaches others about the importance of leopards
*tries to control international trade *teaches others about how important leopards are
*tries to control international trade Save The Snow Leopards The snow leopard deserves better than this... ...so therefore... ...that we... By: Kaitlin Freundt Fun Facts:
3500-7000 left in wild
600 in captivity
live as long as 21 years
jump as far as 50ft.
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