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Marketing Communications

No description

Emily McDonough

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Communications

Average $100k annually
Job satisfaction
Health insurance, dental, etc
Office work and travel
Work with creative people
Job is constantly changing
Marketing Communications
Job Climate/Outlook
14% growth rate (2010-2020)
Essential for businesses
Experienced individuals are highly desirable
Prioritizing and delegating work
Manages campaign budgets
Coordinates assigned projects
Developing materials to promote
Edits and proofreads
Opportunities for Advancement
Few opportunities
Report to a position (President/VP of marketing)
Positions underneath
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Analyst
Account Executive
Marketing Communications
Communicates with market
Advertising, branding, packaging, sales presentations, etc
Fundamental to a company's marketing efforts
Education Requirements
Highly competitive
Bachelor's Degree
Marketing, communication, or advertising
Master's Degree
Management or Business Administration
Doctor of Business Administration
Hands-on Training
2 years of relevant experience
Possess skills
Reasoning, analytical, communication, and presentation
Local Opportunities
"It's not about who you know.... it's about who knows you." - Jeffrey Gitomer
Business Club
Creative ways to promote aspects of the school
Join any local organization and get involved
Save Local Now
Stay updated on current (local) news
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