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Mind mapping - What is Visual Culture?

frances leong

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of VISUAL CULTURE

What Does Visual Culture Deal With? Visual Culture in the broad sense deals
with focusing on culturally significant
matter and it's visual depictions. It mostly
deals with consumer interaction with
visual matter propagated through various
means of what is known as 'Visual
Technology'. Mind Map
Visual Culture -The major impact on how people perceives on popular visual media.

- Invoking emotion and other human senses.

- Exploring people of different backgrounds respond to visuals related media.

- create an understanding through visuals.

- Is definite importance to our modern era, especially with advancement of technology overtime.

relate to? visual content and codes migrate from one form to another print images and graphic design Tv and cable TV Internet fine art and photography fashion architecture, design, and urban design represent step Institutions Macro
Education / Academe / Schooling
The Family
Religion, Church
Governance, the State
Social class system Micro
Media System and its differentiation of forms and technologies
System of Professions (Law, Medicine, Business, etc.)
Art and the Artworld system
Fashion Jovan
VIsual Culture is a form of enhancement and modification to any form of art , so as to amplify the effect and notion of it. This causes an alteration and impact towards our visual capability. Graphic Design VS Art History It is much easier to place Visual Culture in context with pieces of art from the Renaissance, Classical, and Chinese cultures and periods because the visual culture seems to “interpenetrate” the works. Due to these new visual devices, such as graphic design and computer manipulation of images, this does not happen in the modern period the same way. Graphic Design is present almost everywhere, in magazines, newspapers and the Internet. Commercial art is obviously more persuasive than fine art; however, graphic design is just as much influenced by social and cultural factors as fine art, but perhaps in a more noticeable way. Yanti identity Visual Culture & Everyday Life Digital images now dominate production of images in every medium. Everyday experience in a city involves navigating and decoding multiple kinds of visual codes and signs. Most of our visual language is channeled through media--newspapers, magazines, television, video, film, computer screens and software interfaces, Web and Internet visual content. qiyun It is interesting to take note of the identity
that visual depictions can create for
themselves. Visual Culture plays a huge
role in every facet of branding and leaving
an impact, regardless of whether it is
contemporary culture or traditional culture.
Here are some notable examples. inspire information
understanding Impress
Express not only visual
but visualize +++++ jessie sunny
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